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Botulinum toxin is regarded as a miracle drug that can help reverse the signs of aging. Botulinum toxin or Botox is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that helps to tackle fine lines and wrinkles.

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Hair Transplantation

Excessive hair fall or hair loss can be an extremely embarrassing and distressing problem. If you happen to see a lot of hair in the plug hole or on your comb, do not panic.

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Root Canal

Endodontic or root canal treatment is performed inside the tooth. Once the pulp gets infected due to the deep cavities or crown issues or cracks in the tooth!

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Pearl Plastic Surgery

Wound Management

Wound is an injury to the skin, the first line of defense against infection. Wounds can range from a simple cut in the finger to a horrific gash anywhere on the body.

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Diabetic Foot Care

An ingrown toenail is when the edges of a toenail grow and pierce into the soft tissue of the toe. This condition is most common on the big toe (thumb) and causes quite a bit of pain, swelling, redness, and when left untreated, an infection.

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Did you know? Liposuction may be a great option for you if you have Liposuction Chennai fatty areas that do not respond to diet or exercise.

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  • After my second childbirth, I weighed over 70kgs. I tried everything from aerobics to yoga. I was able to get rid of some fat from my arms, thighs and legs, yet my belly looked as if I was still 7 months pregnant. I had heard of surgical procedures from my friends but I was scared stiff and was worried about the side effects. It was my husband who took the initiative to bring me to Dr M Sasikumar who put my worries to rest and explained to me in detail the whole procedure. The Abdominoplasty or tummytuck procedure he performed helped me regain shape and my confidence level is back. I thank him for all his support and wish him all success. I will highly recommend my surggeon who are in need of abdominoplasty.
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    Mrs.Srinidhi Gopal
    Abdominoplasty helped me to regain shape and confidence

  • I had unergone liposuction of love handles. Dr Sasikumar M was so receptive and gave all necessay explanation before surgery which helped me a lot. I am very satisfied and will recomend him.


  • A school teacher by profession , I had accidental burns which went on to development of contracture. This restricted my neck mobility very much and i was not able to look up. I then consulted Dr M Sasikumar a Plastic Surgeon. He explained in detail the need for release and skin cover. Further he explained aboout the post operative scar which was so reassuring. After a few investigations i was then operated by him and his team Consisting of Dr R Selvan another Plastic surgeon and Dr Ravikumar , Anesthetist. I feel a lot better now and thank the efforts and care given to me by Dr M Sasikumar.

    Mrs. Jayanthy .P,Tambaram
    Post burn Contracture release

  • No issues regarding the clinic and doctor..since i am very far i am unable to catch up with doctor..

    Fauzia madar

  • Quality standards are high and interior decoration is very neat like the heart of the doctor.. Serves good treatment results are excellent.. very peaceful and comfortable and no issues ...


  • Excellent approach with the patients by the staff as well as the doctor... Dr.Sasi kumar removed the fear and provided a space for me to share my medical condition very openly..


  • Initial stage i was feard of doctor..since he is being a gen and my treatment is like that i felt uncomfortable..But later on, I felt he is the best Doctor i have ever seen.. Very peaceful and calm place with a cool Doctor.. Excellent treatment with an good host...


  • Everything is positive and good going..The way of clinic presentation is good.. Especially Doctor answers the patients without any hesitations even if we ask 'n' number of questions..