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The Bald Man’s Predicament

Hair Fall is a natural occurrence. It is only when it doesn’t grow back, we have a problem. It is widely believed that the adult scalp sheds ten percent of it’s hair every telogen cycle (which is nothing but the resting phase of the body). For an average of one lakh hairs on the average human scalp every day there is a loss of one hundred hairs. While the statistic may sound alarming, this is a perfectly natural part of the process of regrowth and repair and hence is not something that is unique. The real issue comes when the scalp stops regrowing hair. Now this is a gradual process, the stages of pattern baldness are that the hair starts to thin gradually and over time stops growing is areas. This is referred to as male pattern baldness and unfortunately this requires no introduction. The areas of combat are two fold. The fight begins when the hairs start to thin. At this stage the options available are quite a few and the most sought after PRP therapy. We are talking about the stage where the hairline is receding and when the general texture of the hair has started to thin out. This is the stage where there is stress in trying out several techniques, immersive and superficial. PRP therapy, which basically refers to Platelet Rich Plasma, is using the body to take care of its own. This is a well documented increasingly popular treatment where platelets are extracted from the patient’s blood and cultured. Now platelets are nature’s miracle workers, as they generate the growth hormones that are responsible for growth and health of the cells.

Now the patient has given his blood for platelet cultivation and fixes an appointment with Pearl Health, where his parameters are checked and certified as read. Hundreds of clients from Pearl health have walked in and out with radiant smiles of satisfaction and the procedure has given failsafe results all around. Now the platelets are injected back into the scalp in the areas that have been identified as the problem areas, and the body starts to work its magic. The body now generates growth hormones and hair regrows, totally naturally and progressively healthy. PRP has proven to be a winner for hundreds of clients. It is safe, painless and the results are almost guaranteed.

Now this is as far as the thinning hair and the worrying hairlines are concerned. At a stage in men when they are actually bald, they are presented with only two choices. Either fix an appointment with the wigmaker, or get committed to cosmetic surgery. Now the commitment to cosmetic surgery is the wise man’s choice beyond doubt. The effects are natural, and are there to stay. There is yet a wigmaker to be born who can replicate the natural hair in its glory.

The techniques for hair regeneration are many. Let’s examine the most popular one which is hair transplantation. There are several techniques for hair transplants that have been getting better over the years and are now fairly failsafe. The best technique for the client is chosen as every person is unique. Whether it be strip transplant or follicular unit transplantation, the choice is tailor made as is the hair. Hair follicles from thick areas are harvested and are transplanted onto the Bald areas and they take root and grow as rich natural hair.

These procedures are commonplace and perfected and there is now no predicament for the Bald man at Pearl Health.

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