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Cosmetic Dental Veneer – Pluses, Minuses. Should I? Shouldn’t I?

Don’t we all dread that yellow smile? Some more than others for sure. But the fact that our pearly whites don’t stay the way the maker made them. In fact the first bite is testimony to the beginning of decay. The human body is amazing in that it finds mechanisms to correct itself and better itself, a great byproduct of evolution. For the better part, stains that develop on teeth are usually dissolved and removed by the chemicals in the saliva. Teeth have a uniform coating of enamel which acts as a strong barrier against invasive and corrosive substances. However there is only so far that the natural preventive measures go. Many of our dietary habits are equivalent to systematic abuse of the teeth. For instance the time we started processing and cooking our food marked the beginning of dental travail. While preventive steps like good oral hygiene and natural dietary practices, with good health are the best measures, technology has also improved to the point that there are a lot of measures to help arrest decay and correct anomalies. And then there are the congenital issues, problems dictated by accident of birth and the genes. Irregular dental structure can be made perfectly aligned thanks to the advancements of modern day dental technology.

But let’s focus on the appearance, shall we? Teeth can get discoloured due to various reasons. Teeth get discoloured due to a root canal procedure even. Before we analyse the discolouration, let us understand the nature of teeth. The white glow of teeth comes from the light that they reflect which is a product of their composition. Over time this white glow is subject to change and discolouration, depending on the chemicals that we expose our teeth to be it from food or from other cosmetic products. There is also the factor of irregular dental assembly which can be a result of birth or accident. One of the best fixes for getting back the appearance of perfect teeth, and one where there is no risk whatsoever, are dental veneers.

What are cosmetic veneers?

Millimeter thin precision crafted strips in the shape of teeth, made usually from porcelain. The advantage of porcelain is that it does not adversely react with the gums. These are permanently fixed over the defective teeth and they are stronger than the real teeth, do not stain easily and give an appearance of perfection, which is the main motive behind the whole endeavour.

Do I need them?

Who needs cosmetic veneers? In short, people who have discoloured teeth, that are not possible to be made white using conventional whitening techniques. People who have misaligned teeth that are either ground or removed surgically and now have to be replaced or accentuated with add-ons to make them appear normal, these are a few of the cases that would definitely require Cosmetic veneers.

Well, what’s the procedure?

The dental surgeon will scrape off a few millimeters of the enamel of your tooth in order to reduce the tooth depth so that it will be back to normal after accommodating the veneer. The veneers are crafted with micro precision after measuring and taking casts of the original teeth. The veneers are then applied using a special compound like cement which makes the procedure a permanent one. When the veneer is in place a special light is shone on the veneer, which will activate certain chemicals in the cement compound that will make it bond and dry almost instantaneously. After the procedure the surgeon will take a bite test to ensure that the veneer has been positioned perfectly and would make the necessary adjustments as they may be required.

In summary, let’s analyse the pros and the cons of cosmetic dental veneers.


1) They are a perfect solution to perfect set of teeth. Period.

2) They are a permanent solution and the pearly white bright smile is there to stay.

3) They offer hope to severe dental anomalies by offering a solution that is permanent and pain free.

4) They enhance the quality of life and social interactions.

5) They are non-reactive to natural tissue like the gums.


1) They are a permanent procedure. This means that once done, there is no going back.

2) They involve scraping away a portion of the enamel, which is what protects the tooth from the effects of hot and cold. As a result, there may be some discomfort with extremely cold or hot food or drink.

3) Though rare there are cases where veneers can chip or fall off. Usually habits like biting of nails exacerbate the issue and veneers may get chipped. In such cases, there is no remedy to correct the veneer and the only solution is replacement.

4) In general veneers are extremely expensive and may well be beyond the reach of the common man/woman.

Cosmetic dental veneers are getting better everyday, but your teeth are not. A good professional institution such as Pearl Health offers exciting procedures for installing cosmetic veneers with many tales of success and joy. These are permanent solutions to enable that fabled million watt smile.

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