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Hair today, Gone tomorrow. Not Anymore

A full head of hair is a phrase that everyone wants to be heard in reference to them. Hair is a complex entity that is constantly regenerating hair and constantly shedding. Hair management is not about preserving the texture and integrity of hair alone, but is also about regeneration regrowth. And of course let’s not forget the challenges of removal of excess hair. A luscious mane needs a prerequisite of balanced nutrition, natural oils, scalp maintenance and of course the most integral part – genetics. With the modern day conventional and unconventional lifestyles, hair goes through a lot of challenges and often ends up the worse for wear. Now, there are solutions galore to hair repair, hair regrowth, and hair management, but the challenge is in identifying the safe alternatives, as there are plenty ways to go wrong. At Pearl Health, solutions for Hair Management are distinct division and are always conservative, pragmatic and safe.

Let’s check out the ignominy of hair loss and why it should not bother you. Ever since the advent of Platelet Rich Plasma Procedure, follicle challenged gentlemen (and a few unfortunate ladies as well) have literally discovered a new lease on their mane. Platelets contain the elixir of youth, and these platelets are used to stimulate the hair follicles to start regeneration, to roll back the clock, to get that thick head of hair like nothing was ever wrong. The procedure, for starters, does not require hospitalization. You just walk into our facility and walk out. (Though we won’t blame you if you lingered, as Pearl Health is really a cool place to be). The platelets are extracted from the blood of the client and they contain key ingredients that jump start healing and recovery al cellular levels. When they are injected into the scalp, the PRP hairfall treatment acts as a stimulator and there is noticeable hair recovery. You will end up with stronger, thicker hair than before.

But be advised that this is not the golden yardstick that will solve all hair loss issues. For people who are too far down the line due to male pattern baldness, there are other techniques that follicle transplantation and so on, that will regenerate hair at the follicular level. These procedures are well tested, well established and there are technological advancements happening everyday. At Pearl Health, the latest that technology has to offer is at the facilities, and the best most experienced professionals, are at your service. You will not just be briefed on the procedure before hand, but will also be constantly guided on follow ups and the road ahead. Essentially hair fall issues go to into oblivion at Pearl Health.

Hair Removal is also a challenge for the modern metrosexual. While thick, healthy hair is beautiful excess hair in the wrong places is quite unsightly. We have over several thousands of years of living as a community, developed societal stipulations on what is acceptable and what is not. Excess hair falls under that category prominently as it is one of the most visible facets of the human body. Now, there is a constant battle to denigrate and destroy societal norms, but until there is a clear victory, you definitely need to conform to what society finds acceptable and appealing. In that light, hair removal becomes an integral part of cultural existence. There are permanent ways of removal like laser, which are quick and painless and offer no chance for regrowth. There are techniques where hair is bleached (though they are becoming less sought after, as permanent removal is the easiest way)

Whatever be the agenda on hair management, it is indisputable that you need to seek a professional get guided by the experts. Your responsibility lies in identifying the best people in the industry, and in that regard, it is a no-brainer that you walk into Pearl Health and let them take over.

For, you, always, are invaluable.

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