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That Million Watt Smile


The secret of a charming smile is mostly what lies beneath. Teeth. They are the most important contributor to the perfection of the smile and are also psychologically a representation of health and hygiene. Teeth are extremely durable and tough and take unimaginable levels of punishment every day, yet they are fundamental in the actual image of a person. Care of the teeth is vital, especially in modern times, due to the diversity and repetitiveness of food habits and the increased toxicity in the volume of processed food that the teeth have to handle. That chocolate that you love so much leaves a devastating blow on your teeth, and unless you take active steps to maintain your teeth, you will have to repent at a later stage. But the silver lining is that with the advent of technology and the advancements in the dentalcare processes, there is virtually no point that is “too late”. With the will and the commitment, teeth can be made perfect over time permanently.

I wish that my teeth were white and sparkling

Teeth whitening has been the cosmetic procedure for decades. Over a period of time, the enamel gets coated and your teeth may start to become yellow. When you look at yourself smiling in the mirror and you think that your smile is yellow, it means that the time is nigh for a teeth whitening session. There are no complex procedures involved in teeth whitening and the chemicals used are perfectly certified and safe. Now, before that party, before that award ceremony, and even before that wedding, it is imperative that you have a sit down at Pearl Health, and get back the sparkle to your teeth that you deserve. Teeth whitening is a simple and painless and the results are instantaneous. There is no permanent erosion or damage and the teeth get back their shine and sparkle like they were new.

It may be a bit too late for my teeth to get evenly white

Permanent staining of teeth is not unheard of. But there is no need to panic. All you need to do is come in for a consultation for Cosmetic Veneers. And that’s it you are sorted. Veneers have become better over the years and right now, the advancements have made them so fine that they are indistinguishable from the real teeth and they last a very long time. One small point to note is that veneers are permanent and the fixing involves abrasion on the teeth so that they latch on for a permanent fit. That fact known and assimilated, veneers can literally make your teeth look like the maker took some extra time crafting your teeth when you were made. Again the procedure is painless and is literally done in a couple of consultations. After the measurements are taken and the veneers are matched, they are fitted and the final result will be sparkling pearly whites.

Can my teeth be ever even?

Dentalcare work is like construction, anything can be rebuilt and made better. So yes, definitely any type of teeth can be worked on and made even and near perfect. All that is required is trust and patience and with the dedication of the professional team at Pearl Health, those pearly whites will definitely be a gamechanger for you.

You can captivate people with just a smile.

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