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Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift Surgery are simple endoscopic surgical processes that use tiny needle incisions to raise the sagging brows. With the advent of Botox, however, these procedures have started to wane.

Forehead Lift Surgery

A common side effect of the ageing process is that the brows start to droop. The severity varies from person to person and depends on genetic factors as well. With the usage of Botox, there is no real requirement for cosmetic surgery procedures, but there are requirements where the client will have to go in for surgery. The forehead lift surgery, however is extremely simple and straightforward with the process being the admission of small incisions below the hairline and the induction of endoscopic probes outfitted with camera.

Brow Lift Technique

The surgeon can take stock of what is there under the target area of skin on a big screen and using tiny incisions the surgeon gets to smooth the wrinkled skin. The forehead lift surgery is usually followed by a course of Botox treatment to ensure the smoothness of the skin persists.

Frown lines, furrows and worry lines are common component of the process of ageing, and at the Pearl Health, with the cosmetic surgical process of forehead lift, you can bid adieu to the worry lines once and for all. 

Brow Lift without surgery

There are techniques to perform forehead lifts even without surgery, and this is using a combination of cosmetic therapy involving reshaping of the eyebrows, and sessions of facial exercises. At the PearlHealth we have a specialized with the set of techniques that we help the clients follow, in case the client is hesitant about committing to the surgical process. Along with these exercises, advocation of the use of slimming bandages on the face will also help in smoothing those worry lines.