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We all know that the skin carries tales of the past. As a person ages, the skin starts to display the wear from the journey that it’s had. And since the skin is the most visible organ, the impact of aging is immediately felt societally. For ages men and women have tried innumerable methods to retain the elasticity, the vivacity and the proverbial glow. As time progressed and technologies developed there was a better understanding of how the skin worked, and people got more aware of the effects of quick solutions, and the proverbial fly by night remedies. Men and women wanted a permanent recourse to maintaining the status quo of their skin. The broad dichotomisation of skin care was there and exists today as well. The health of the skin is largely dependent on the diet and the intake and effectiveness of the regimen. There is also direct external treatments and therapies that help maintain and in some cases rejuvenate the skin at large. Skin care and upkeep is in as much diet and lifestyle as in the therapeutic and non invasive surgical care and treatment care too.

What are the mechanisms in place that are there to take care of our skin? There is the clear relay of information that the diet is the most important requirement for not just overall health, but also for maintaining of the temperament of the skin. With that relay of information absorbed what are the techniques and procedures in play that can take care of the blemishes acquired due to accidents, sheer genomics or time? In these days of superior technological advancement, there are many. Take for instance the procedure called dermabrasion. As the name suggests this is literally scraping away the black spots, the blemishes and the age marks. With the abrasion being performed, the skin is tricked into thinking that there is an event that requires repair. Enter the protein called collagen. This is a naturally occuring structural protein found in ligaments and connecting tissues. The procedure motivates the body to produce collagen which proceeds to make the skin taut, increase the blood supply and restore elasticity and fill in and remove discolouration and generally restore the proverbial glow. There are chemical peels that perform the same activity too. The basic premise of most of the treatments are to motivate the body to heal itself, as there is no better cure than what evolution has designed. These procedures help maintain the balance and remove external blemishes like acne and blackheads and also help heal scar tissue by promoting the growth of healthy tissue beneath the scar tissue and eventually discarding the tissue altogether.

Now that we have seen the various advancements in technologies and the deep desire to have flawless skin, fostered by armies of professionals getting better at their jobs every waking day, with every advancement in procedures, we have to assess for ourselves,

“Is my skin skintastic?”

Now to have a flawless skin, the first and most important requirement is clear body image. There are no absolutes when it comes to skin care and there can be no dictates as to what constitutes beauty. Men and women are so diverse that the standards for beauty need to be assessed by one’s own self. The bottom line is that the person has to feel supremely good about himself / herself. If there is room for improvement, then there are innumerable procedures to help achieve the standards set by one’s on self. The skin is an ornament that men and women should use to boost their confidence and self image and therein lies the entire concept of skin care.

After all the sweetest words that one could hear are “You haven’t aged a bit”

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