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The Unforgettable Face – Is it really within arms reach?

The face is seen as the personification of the individual. The identity of the person is for the larger part a product of the face. Human identity has matured over hundreds of year upon identification of persons based on their facial features. It is no wonder that, over the mileu, the face has acquired an all important role in the social matrix. The boundaries of beauty are extremely difficult to quantify. What is appealing to one may be repugnant to another. However, since man is a social animal, the society usually arrives at preset standards for beauty as a result of averaging of what people find appealing in a person. Therefore not one person can fulfill the checklist of everything that is deemed perfect. The recombinant factors that make a human face are tremendously complex and we are nothing, but a remarkable product of evolution.

There is no perfect face.

However, the arbitrary and ever-changing standards of beauty that a society formulates and identifies within itself, lay out the broad parameters of what appeal is all about. In light of that an individual has the ability to stand before the mirror and check out his/her reflection objectively, identifying problem areas and areas that can have improvement. The references in pop culture, in the entertainment arts are all lying around on hand, in the form of role models and symbols of perfection, and the individual gets to model his/her face based on those reference parameters. Largely this is how the visual appeal component of the individuals of the society functions, in the modern era.

Technology, for its part, has rapidly caught up with the requirements of the individuals of society in meeting their needs for change and their journey towards perfection. The tireless efforts of medical professionals and innovators in the field of cosmetic surgery, has brought to the forefront techniques and procedures that are almost magical in the results that they generate. With institutions like Pearl Health that are committed to the betterment of the human condition, these desires and wants can actually meet the can and will, safely and confidently.

Change, as they say is inevitable. In the journey to achieve perfection in appeal, there are multitudes of procedures available before the modern man/woman. Facial reconstruction is possible at so many levels from the subtle skin lightening and blemish removal to the more dramatic jaw realignment and facial reconstruction. Take the case of rhinoplasty. Rendered popular by matinee icons, the famous (sometimes infamous) nose job has become accessible to virtually anyone. The procedure has become simple with very limited variables and very little scope for deviation. Using the latest that technology has to offer like lasers, the surgeons get to mould, sculpt and reform the nose, to the shape that is most proportional to the face. Deviations, asymmetry can be corrected to perfection, width can be narrowed, length increased, and so on, without any impact on lifestyle at all except positive. There are techniques to realign misaligned jaws, align teeth so that there is the perfect smile. There are cosmetic corrections for dimples even. Implants have become safe and advanced to such a level that they mimic body parts and are almost natural. Ears can be straightened, brows can be lifter, jawlines made straight, and in general the much wanted symmetry can be achieved in the face.

The eyes are the window to the soul, but the face is the reflection of the person. With the modern technology at Pearl Health, there are very few constraints and limiting factors, in the journey to achieve the perfect face.

Yes. The perfect face is really within arms reach.

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