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General Information

The skin is the most visible part of the body. There are diverse techniques to maintain the skin. PearlHealth skin care clinic in chennai is the go to destination for skin care treatments.

Cosmetology Clinic

In the field of science, cosmetology occupies a pivotal position, because the skin is the most visible part of the body. The calling for the cosmetologist is extremely diverse as the requirements are not just curative, but cosmetic as well. Cosmetologists are called for not just normalizing the skin condition, but for enhancing it as well. They need to work in tandem with dieticians and physicians, in order to achieve the results that is sought from them. Therefore, it is of the utmost necessity that there be an institution that caters to the diverse requirement for skin care, and has a team of doctors working with perfect synergy delivering the best possible results, in the field of skin care or cosmetic treatment.

Skin Care

PearlHealth there is a constant endeavor to provide the most best cosmetology clinics in chennai with the state of the art technologies available. With the wide gamut of treatment procedures available, almost all types of cosmological conditions can be addressed with ease by our expert team of surgeons. Be it skin lightening, anti ageing, wrinkle /scar /acne removal, non-surgical procedures are used wherever possible, without bringing the patient under the knife, so as to achieve maximum results with minimum invasiveness. Several procedures such as chemical peels, Botox, laser contouring help deliver heightened results that were earlier achieved only by surgery.


In cosmetology clinics Surgical procedures too are performed with the core tenet of safety in mind. PearlHealth is guided by core ethics and professionalism, with safety being the prime directive. Every person who approaches PearlHealth is monitored and guided by surgeons and consultants with years of expertise, The aim is that no procedure appear daunting to the patient, and the only decision that needs to be taken is to walk into PearlHealth. 

Pearl Cosmetology clinics Advantage

Skin Care or Cosmetic Treatment, in all it’s forms and diversity, are catered under the umbrella that is PearlHealth chennai. With leading diagnostic equipment, a proficient team of surgeons and consultants, lifestyle advisors and dieticians, and post surgery therapeutic care, all you need to do is walk into Pearl to get a holistic care for a tremendously enhanced body image.

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