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Cosmetology – Skin whitening for bridal packs

skin whitening

Bridal Packs – Skin Lightening or Skin lifting – A Must Have combatant against the dark side of pollution

Oh bride – Glow

PearlHealth takes great pride in their Bridal packages, and more specifically, the skin lightening procedures, in their famed Bridal Packs. A wedding is the time when the bride is not a commoner, she gets elevated from the everyday grind of sun, dirt and pollution. Unfortunately, however, the effects of excess exposure to the elements, leaves it’s mark in forms of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and skin darkening. The bride should be glowing, on the most important day of her life, and to aid this PearlHealth has meticulously put together a Skin lightening bridal pack.

The Skin Lightening Bridal Pack

The bride gets her choice of a range of chemical peels. These soak up under the skin and remove the excess pigmentation, and scar tissue, and give that veritable freshness that is vital for the bridal look.

There is dermabrasion, which uses crystals to rub away the dead cells and excess pigmentation. The procedure does not require getting admitted and Pearl has the state of the art equipment at it’s command, that will leave its clients, nothing but happy. Another benefit of dermabrasion is that the procedure enhances the synthesis of collagen, which not only pushes out the hyper pigmentation, but also fills up wrinkles and scars. Dead cells are also removed effectively and,

The procedure of Micro needling, along with boosting the synthesis of collagen, also enhances the blood flow so that our bride will get that lustre and glow like she deserves on the wedding day.