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Arm Lift

Arm Lift

Arm lift or Brachioplasty as it is commonly referred to, is basically a surgical procedure to eliminate excess skin and tissue from the back side of the upper arm.

Arm Lifting Surgery

Arm Lifting surgery are quite common at PearlHealth especially among women. With the onset of age, fat deposits get concentrated in the upper arm and thigh region for women, and the skin starts to lose elasticity. The net result is what is commonly referred to as wings, as the upper arm region starts to become ungainly. Even with dietary weight loss, and reduction of body fat, this upper arm deposit is very hard to eliminate and stubbornly remains an eyesore. Many women have altered their lifestyles around this and the result is the motivation to maintain the body in general weakens because of the stubborn issue of upper arm fat. Enter Brachioplasty surgery at Pearl Health.

Brachioplasty Surgery

The surgical procedure consists of an incision after giving general anesthesia and the length and location of the incision depends upon the discreteness of the scar required and other issues. Under the arm incisions are very discrete and the scar is almost invisible, while in traditional arm lifting surgery the incision is along the length of the upper arm and the scars in this case will be quite visible. The traditional brachioplasty surgery is usually the result of a medical requirement rather than cosmetic.

Armlift Recovery

In cases of substantial body weight where large volumes of skin and fat need to be removed the fish incision is done, which is basically incision in the form of the italicized. The scars can be treated to disappear using laser correction and can be almost invisible.

Arm lifting surgery are proper surgical procedures conducted under general anesthesia and the clients don’t feel a thing. Post surgery recovery process has a very strict regimen as physical activity is not permitted along with extreme movement of the arms, as they may lead to reopening of the incision area. The normal healing process will take a few weeks after which the client can be scheduled for scar treatment and removal if the parameters allow it. Usually within a few weeks the client can resume full activity and the difference is visible almost immediately post surgery. Sometimes liposuction too is bundled with the arm lift surgery for removing fat from target areas beyond the scope of the arm lifting surgery procedure. After the surgery, the skin is stretched and restored over the new area and the arm will look thin and slender.