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Body Contouring

Body Contouring

People who lose a lot of weight either through dieting or through bariatric surgery, tend to develop a lot of sagging skin. These are prime candidates for body contouring.

Body Shaping

At Pearl Health chennai there are a lot of people who have had body contouring for reasons professional as they are actors, or for reasons of just better body image and boost in confidence. Body contouring surgeries are unique to every candidate and requires several consultations and analysis of body types before committing to the surgical procedures. People who have lost a lot of weight usually develop large amounts of sagging skin that will not normalise and for them surgery is the only option. At PearlHealth the consultation process is exhaustive and the client has demonstrations performed using computer simulation and by inking on the body so that the client can have a totally clear picture of what the end results are going to be.

Non-surgical Body contouring

Body Contouring can be multiple surgeries at the same time or one off surgeries. For example, breast lift, arm lift, liposuction, tummy tuck can be performed as a package and for this the procedure may last a few hours. However people with spot issues, like excessive fat deposits or wrinkling in particular areas of the body like the thighs can have that particular are addressed in surgery.

The Recovery and care at Pearl Chennai

Clients are advised to take certain precautions before body contouring, such as consume 60% more protein before the surgical process so that the body can heal faster. Post surgery care is also of tantamount importance as the client has to ensure that perfect hygiene be maintained until the point of full recovery. Constant administering for blood clots, should be done. Though very rare, at pearl Health no chances are taken. People with hypertension, high blood pressure etc., need to have exhaustive consultations before getting the go ahead for the surgery. Post surgery, regular consultations should be done so that the surgeon can be assured that the healing process is as per expectation, and that the end result of contouring is nothing but total satisfaction and boosting of confidence and enhancement of lifestyle.