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Dermal Fillers

A Thread Lift Treatments is a Non surgical Face Lift procedure in which a facelift procedure can be performed with minimum invasiveness and maximum results.

Thread Lift Treatments

Thread Lift Treatments or facelift are very convenient alternatives to traditional surgical facelifts. When the requirement is not so extreme as to conduct a surgical traditional facelift, cosmetic surgeons use the procedure of Thread. Here a clear thread is inserted into micro holes under the skin to reposition skin and hold the repositioned skin in place. The entire procedure is discreet and the threads themselves are near invisible and these clear threads are used to lift the skin without any trace of the surgery having taken place.

Safety and Comfort

The level of risk is very low and the entire procedures are finished in matter of minutes, and the difference is immediately visible as there is no swelling that needs to subside for the effects to be seen. The effects of the lift are visible immediately after completion of the procedure and the client is good to go almost immediately. 

Procedures and Techniques for Thread Lift Treatments

There are specialized procedures like Contour Threads where clear threads are used and there is no indication of surgery even after close observation. Threads are becoming a sought after alternative for facelift as the entire procedure is nonsurgical and the level of invasion and distress is minimal. There is also no anaesthesia and if so local only and therefore anxieties associated to general anaesthesia management are not there anymore.

As to who is the right candidate for Thread lift treatment, people of the age group of 30 to 60, where the result of ageing will have skin mildly starting to bag below the chin area. Within minutes of the Thread Procedure, the reclaimed skin will be held together by clear thread that is not visible to the naked eye. Thread Lift Treatment chennai are a safe a certified system for Non-surgical Face Lifting and a cosmetic surgeon can easily perform the procedure in a matter of minutes.

History and the Pearl Advantage

Thread Lift Treatments or facelift have been in vogue for some time in Europe now, and have now caught up in India as a safe alternative to surgical facelifts. The entire treatment consisting of hooks placed under the skin and the thread running over the hoop so that the skin gets lifted. The sutures normally dissolve totally in 6 months and at the same time stimulate the skin to produce collagen as well.

At PearlHealth chennai, Thread lifts are welcome alternatives to the surgical process as the level of safety and client comfort us much higher and the procedures take a minimum amount of time.