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Ear surgery

Ear Surgery can change the shape of the ear, be it a defect of birth or accident or a deformity, using surgical processes to treat ears to regain normalcy

Otoplasty Surgery or Ear corrective surgery

Otoplasty surgery or Ear surgery, strives at creating a natural shape by addressing the deformities, defects in the external portions of the ear. At Pearl Health, we have a history of cosmetic treatment of ears to help make them look natural, by altering their shape and by helping achieve proportional balance to the rest of the face.

Common forms of ear defect can be from childbirth of the antihelical fold so that the ears appear unnaturally facing forward. There are also instances of accidental deformities of ears, and deformities that occur as a result of sport activities. For instance a common occurrence among wrestlers is called cauliflower ears, wherein the ear cartilage collapses, rendering the appearance of the outer ear as a disfigurement.

Using injectables and surgical processes, ears can be brought back to their normal shape and size and more in balance with the rest of the features of the face.

The Procedure of Ear Surgery

Some of the main procedures that are used at PearlHealth are Antihelical fold manipulation using sutures, where surgical deformities in the outer ear are corrected using sutures.

There is the Stenstrom Technique of abrasion where the protruding ears are corrected using abrasion treatment. This is where the abrasion is used to correct the protrusion. This procedure and suturing is used along with the technique of surgical excision, and using this combination, abnormalities are corrected.

Ear Correction Surgery

Full thickness incisions are also used, an they are inserted to run parallel to the very flexible antihelix, so that the outer ear assumes the shape of the incisions. At PearlHealth the seasoned professionals use flawless techniques to correct defects and abnormalities so that ears are in balance, beautiful and perfect with the rest of the face. Pearl uses state of the art equipment and maintains the highest levels of safety and hygiene, and make the surgical process as painless as possible.