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Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Treatment for skin is derived in centrifuges, where the red blood cells are isolated and the resultant plasma is extremely powerful in cellular regeneration.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Treatment for skin

PRP Treatment for skin procedures are exemplary ways of engineering the systems of the human body to present solutions to treat problems by themselves. Scars, acnes, dark spots are a major issue, along with general listlessness of skin, and PRP literally is a saviour, as in it helps in actual rejuvenation of the skin. PRP injections are pretty much like insulin injections, and the platelets are introduced in the area of the skin issue. The main causes of skin issues are usually dietary, lifestyle and environmental. Platelets are miracles of nature that have the capaity to regenerate dead and dying cells at an alarming rate. They are extracted scientifically, and are reintroduced into the skin and the skin rejuvenation is monitored.

PRP Skin Treatment Skin

At Pearl PRP Treatment for skin has yielded tremendously positive results in scores of clients. The procedure itself is very simple and requires a few sittings, where the platelet rich plasma is introduced into the skin.

Puffiness under the eyes, tired skin, the presence of wrinkles and hollows under the eyes, skin looking drawn around the cheekbones, these are some of the most common issues for which Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment is sought after and Pearl has some of the most outstanding procedures to bring back the look of youthfulness that clients long for.

A sample of blood is drawn and the platelets are separated and are cultured. Now the resultant sample is a mixture with an unusually large number of platelets. This is then reintroduced into the skin, through injections, which are not very uncomfortable. The platelet rich plasma or PRP Treatment for skin that is introduced, induces the generation of collagen, a naturally occuring fixer of flaws, that heals the black spots, and brings back elasticity to the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles. Platelet rich plasma is used to reach areas where hyaluronic acid fillers don’t quite reach and they help roll back the years. The collagen that is secreted helps bring about the puffiness in the cheek indentations, the general radiance of darkened listless skin and also reduces the incidence of wrinkles remarkably.

The procedure of PRP itself is natural as it stimulates the body to generate more of the life giving collagen that in turn heals the body and makes skin younger and visibly radiant.

The entire process is relatively pain-free and the does not disrupt the lifestyle of the client at all. Since the regeneration is natural over a period of time, there are no requirements for social adjustments, and Pearl Offers perfect consultation schedules for repeat treatments to as to help regain that rejuvenated young look.

Professional Touch

PRP treatment chennai is performed by seasoned professionals in consultation with expert dermatologist chennai to ascertain the best possible course of treatment. Platelets are a natural source of wonder and they help regenerate cells in multiples exponentially and more importantly naturally.