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Wound Management

Wound Management

Wound Management and wound care treatment at Pearl Health. The greatest cause of concern of course is avoidance of infection.

Wound Care Treatment.

The management of surgical wounds starts with the planning of the incision, say renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The pro operative care actually forms the more important part of wound management. The client should cease smoking for at least two weeks before the surgical procedure. Smoking inhibits blood flow to the organs and will therefore hamper very adversely the healing process. Alcohol consumption also should be regulated because alcohol in the blood would lead to post surgery water retention. The surgeon goes over the requirements for pre surgery care for better management of the surgical wound.

The procedure itself should be planned in such a way that the incisions are planned along the lines of least skin tension. The placement of the scars should be at the extremities of bone units, so that residual scars, if any can stay hidden behind natural contours of adjoining units. The placement of the incision itself is governed by years of expertise stemming from performance of countless procedures.

Care and Comfort

Post surgery wound management is critical and Pearl Health provides the best atmosphere for post surgical care, starting from completely hygienic recuperation areas and consultants manning every requirement of the client while seeing to it that the parameters required for post surgical recuperation process are met by the client. Wound management at this stage is critical for the total recovery and for the results to be as expected. For wounds that have been closed up from subcutaneous levels, immobility is a crucial requirement. Silicone based creams and mederma, scar reduction creams can be administered at predetermined frequencies along with pain killing medicines if any. Some wounds can be prescribed supporting garments that can help accelerate the healing process faster. Head should be kept at a higher level so as to facilitate proper lymphatic draining as the client will have to be immobile for a duration of time.

Hygiene and the maintenance of sterile recuperation areas is of critical importance so as to avoid post surgical infections, during the healing process after reconstructive surgeries. Dietary controls with some excessive dosage of proteins and multivitamins would be advisable for faster cellular regeneration and healing.

Specialization at Pearl

At Pearl Health, Wound management and Wound care is a specialized sub area with professionals in the field offering total care and support, in a sterile totally safe area.