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Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment at PearlHealth can be added along with some cosmetic procedures of teeth whitening also.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment over time the enamel covering the teeth chips away due to onslaught by sugar and constant grinding and chewing. Once the enamel is spotty, then the teeth lay exposed for sugar to react on, and slowly the compound starts to eat away at the tooth. Since there are no sensory receptors in the tooth the decay reaches the root and it is at that time that the discomfort starts to become noticeable.

The Surgical Procedure

Oral surgeon performs the method to take away bacteria and dying or dead tissue from inside the tooth. The only surgical procedure available at this time is to perform a root canal surgery. The surgery is very simple as the tooth is drilled into till the root is exposed. The decay is identified and is scraped away. Now with the clean root exposed cement is filled into the drilled passageway effectively sealing the tooth over the nerve at the base of the root. Since the procedure involves drilling and grinding, an artificial crown will have to be fitted over the tooth in order to maintain the evenness of the teeth and to protect the tooth from further erosion as well.

Pearl Advantage

At PearlHealth, the Dental Division prides itself in perfecting the art of root canal surgery and it is a fact that the artificial crown in many cases is absolutely indistinguishable from the other teeth, and the clients are more than happy about the processes.