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Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift Surgery

Thighplasty or thigh lift surgery helps dramatically alter the contour of the upper thigh region and is a well documented highly effective surgical technique.

Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery procedures are usually done to correct sagging skin in the inner and outer thigh area. Dramatic weight reduction usually accounts for unsightly skin folds in the inner and outer thigh region that will not go even with physical exercise. Thigh lift surgery can also be done as partial belt lipectomy, but usually all the procedures are bundled together in one course. Usually thigh lifts are combined with body contouring surgeries like tummy tuck and arm lifts.

Thighplasty Surgery

In the thigh lift procedure, incision is made in the inner and outer thigh with the baseline of minimum invasiveness. The closure of the incision is also such that the area is well researched as the scarring should be minimal. The fat deposits in the inner thigh and the outer thigh, once removed do not regenerate and so the procedure is almost like a one off surgical intervention.

Pearl Advantage

At PearlHealth chennai thigh lift surgery are conducted in the state of the art theatres with every modern convenience within the arm’s reach of the team of highly qualified plastic surgeons. But the most important aspect of the Thigh lift surgery is not the surgery itself but the recovery process. There are some very important conditions to be fulfilled after the thigh lift. For one, the client should not sit for a period of at least one week following the procedure. This is the only way that the closed incisions can heal to the fullest extent. The incisions in the deeper layers of the thigh should not be constricted or they may separate and hence it is vital that no pressure is put on the thigh by way of sitting.


After a week or so the client can very slowly walk around indoors, like to the bathroom and back.

However it is vital that there is no exertion or stressing of the thigh muscles as they can negate the benefits of the surgery.

By the third week, there should be a chronology of follow up consultations, where the surgeons will study whether the healing process is completely up to snuff, and the prescriptions for lotions and creams to help accelerate the healing process, moisturising and for scar management will be prescribed. Follow up consultations are of the utmost necessity in cases of Thigh Lift Surgeries.