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Bridal Packs

Bridal packs

The Big Day is so special that there are several procedures earmarked as Bridal packs. At Pearl Health the bride is walked through all these to make her look her absolute best.

Wedding Bridal Packs

The Day of the Wedding is not only a logistical nightmare for many, but there is a keen requirement to look the absolute best on the single most important day of a woman’s life. Bridal packs at PearlHealth are catered to would be brides, having put in a lot of thought into the various procedures that can be offered in the bridal pack. The treatments, procedures have to be designed in such a manner that they are not too invasive and do not have a longer recovery time. Also pivotal in the choice should be the fact that there are no preordained periodic follow up visits. In light of these factors, cosmetic care packages that package simple cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures have been devised at PearlHealth.


Of course every pack is individualized and constructed as per the requirement of the individual, as there will be no two requirements that are identical.

Usual Bridal packs consist of tummy tuck, arm lift, face lightening, chemical peels, face rejuvenation therapy, hair strengthening and hair regrowth packages. Facial contouring are also offered if there is a requirement. There are packs of laser hair removal and laser skin smoothing, along with smile contouring and teeth veneer if required.

The special day in the life of a woman holds no parallel when it comes to her effort in making herself look the best possible, in an effort to take the visual appeal down memory lane.

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