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Ever since Ernst Grafenberg posited the theory of the G-spot in the ‘50s, it has gone from being elusive to actually having treatments for heightening sensitivity.

The G-spot is an area of 3 to 5 mm in the upper vaginal walls that, when aroused, leads to orgasm in women. The mechanics of the g-spot were not even fully analysed until the 20th century, with scientists like Adam Ostrzenski, confirming the actual physical structure an so on. However, the stimulation of G-spot leading to orgasm has been documented. Now with the modern day travails of sedentary lifestyle and dietary habits, there are greater and more common incidences of sexual dysfunction in women as a result of not being able to achieve sexual arousal.

The G-Spot Procedure detailed

The procedure is very simple and takes all but a few minutes, and the procedure is done as an outpatient procedure itself. The surgeon identifies the g-spot area in the upper vaginal wall which is normally 3 to 5 millimetres in area. The complaint is that the client is not feeling sexual stimulation and the idea of the cosmetic gynaecological procedure is to stimulate it by plumping it up and sensitising it, thereby assisting the client the ability to enhanced orgasms.

The G-Shot procedure administers the jab on making it expand to around 7 to 8 mm, This in turns makes the region hyper-sensitive and therefore enables the client to have multiple orgasms.

Now it’s time to live happier

Women from all walks of life, who feel that the spark may have subsided from their sexual lives, have this procedure that they can avail of enhanced sexual feeling and even help put them on the way to multiple orgasms, and a fulfilling sex life.