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Dental care, dental surgery and consultation are an integral part of healthcare. An enhanced smile will boost the image of the person, and in turn will help boost confidence.

As cliched as it may sound, a smile is the gateway to the soul, and teeth shouldn’t come in the way of a positive smile. In dental care, dental surgery and dental treatment form a significant part of the body image building process. At Pearl Health’s dental care division, every form of dental requirement is addressed, and clients walk out with the much sought after million watt smile. Surgical dental needs like teeth implant, root canal surgery and dental realignment are significant lifestyle boosters, and can help people alight from what would have been a very painful existence. Cosmetic procedures like dental veneer, polishing and smile correction, literally change the lives of people.

Dental Care Clinic

Dental care treatment is not a fleeting area of healthcare, but requires dedication and expertise, along with acclimatization in the latest that technology has to offer. In this aspect, PearlHealth offers the mixture of all these factors under one umbrella. Be it for teeth whitening, or teeth veneer, even smile correction, a host of procedures await, well thought out and well practiced dental work by expert dentists and cosmetic surgeons, to take care of any and all dental requirements.


Teeth implants require a great degree of expertise and dedication, and the procedure has to be performed in the best most pristine environments. Pearl has some of the most advanced dental equipment and is manned by professionals who have dug in years of expertise in the field, and have performed several complicated procedures, Teeth are chiseled, moulded, treated and implanted. Cavities are handled aplomb with root canal surgeries, and even casual consultations for teeth whitening are performed smoothly with utmost precision. Tooth decay issues are a thing of the past as inlays are expertly provided and onlays are matched so perfectly to the tooth that it is virtually impossible to distinguish it from the real tooth.

Cosmetic dental care such as teeth whitening and teeth veneer, go a long way in boosting body image. Teeth veneers, porcelain and others, are applied so perfectly that even a temporary procedure can feel like a permanent solution.

Tooth implant

Teeth Whitening

It is universally sought these days that the teeth whitening procedures go a long way in enhancement..

Cosmetic Veneers

Dental veneers are very thin slivers that are positioned over the teeth using bonding by the dentist..
Smile Correction

Smile Correction

The most attractive feature in a person’s face is arguably the smile. It is well known that a smile..
Teeth Whitening

Tooth Implant

When a client has the requirement to remove a tooth or due to abcess etc. teeth need to be reformed,..

Root Canal Treatment

Over time the enamel covering the teeth chips away due to onslaught by sugar and constant..