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Botox Treatments

Botox is a wonder drug, that has changed the lives of countless people for the better. Botox treatment at Pearl health helps retain youth.

Botox Treatments

The Botox treatment using is far and well documented and is used to treat muscular conditions as well as remove wrinkles and signs of ageing. In the universe of cosmetic surgery and treatment, it has become an inseparable part of every package. The applications of Botox on parts of the body has yielded exceptional betterment in the lifestyles and confidence boosting of the clients.

It derived from a bacterium called the Clostridium Botulinum, which generates a toxin that basically inhibits neural transmitters. What this means is that Botox, temporarily paralyses the muscle groups by way of acting as a neurotoxin. Under expert care and treatment, Botox therapy is absolutely safe and the effects for anti ageing are far reaching and benevolent. By its nature of action paralyzes the muscles where it is applied to and therefore eases out wrinkles and lines. Crow’s feet literally vanish with the application of it.

Cosmetic Advantages of Botox Treatment

It is a non-surgical procedure and the better part of the treatment is actually in the observation. There is absolutely no pain and the entire procedure is extremely rapid and smooth. Dosages are monitored by the experts at PearlHealth chennai and with their vast experience the road to wrinkle free existence is a rapid reality.

Botox Treatment can be done at the usual trouble spots like the brows, corners of the lips and chin and cheek. Glabellar lines, or as they are popularly called – frown lines, completely vanish in Botox treatment chennai. Other than removing Crow’s Feet and wrinkles Botoxs treatments in chennai also has major beneficial applications in squint correction, correction of Blepharospasm (spasm of eyelids) and even in Migraine.

Pearl Advantage

PearlHealth has seen a wide array of Botox Treatments in chennai and has a pantheon of achievements in turning the lives of several clients for the better. Smoothening of faces, relieving of wrinkles and lines, goes a long way in generating positive body images, which in turn make the lifestyle of the person tremendously better.