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Glutathione GSH

skin whitening

What is Glutathione GSH

Glutathione treatment is a natural antioxidant that is found in plants and animals. It has the unique capacity to inhibit the formation of melanin which is the compound responsible for pigmentation. As a result glutathione can help suppress the formation of melanin and thereby help with skin lightening treatment in a natural and proven manner. It interacts during various stages of melanogenesis and helps in skin whitening. We could say that it is the best natural skin whitening agent out there.

It also helps prevent oxidative damage to the skin, and offers protection from UV impact as well. Bountiful benefits of Glutathione treatment include the immediate whitening of the skin upon commencement of the procedure as the compound interacts with the neural transmitter L-DOPA and prevents the generation of pigments, naturally.

GSH Glutathione Treatment is pain free and is non invasive and it is all about the dosages. Trained professionals at PearlHealth chennai will help monitor the levels of Glutathione delivery and will ensure that the skin lightening is noticeable and appreciable.

Glutathione Treatment benefits

The benefits of GSH cannot be highlighted enough as it is a naturally occurring compound and is a proven natural way for skin lightening, as the function of the antioxidant is to lighten the skin. This use helps set a base parameter for the clients with hyper pigmentation to arrest and bring under control pigmentation and to progressively lighten the skin and also provide healthy prevention from the impact of harmful UV rays due to exposure.

More than that since glutathione is an antioxidant, it helps in prevention of the body secreting tyrosinase which is the principal cause for generation of melanin which is the pigment hormone. When oxidised naturally GSH suppresses the L-DOPA neural transmitter and thereby melanin secretion does not happen. The result is visible skin whitening, while natural and the interaction with free radicals also helps reduce stress factors on the skin and helps it restore youthful sheen. Also naturally controlling permeation of wrinkles and helps in removing melanin dots.

In all at PearlHealth, glutathione treatment will yield the best possible result in skin whitening, while being completely non surgical and non invasive and pain free.