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Face Rejuvenation

Cosmetic Surgery

Face Rejuvenation, like dermabrasion treatments, chemical and oxy peels, should not only be something that generates instant results, but should also stand the test of time, and should be trouble free.

Face Rejuvenation Cosmetic Surgery

Face Rejuvenation or Dermabrasion treatments are not surgically intensive yet they require some local numbing agents to be applied. The procedure basically involves using a hardened hand held tool to literally polish the dermal layer of the facial skin, thereby making the skin generate collagen which in turn smoothens the wrinkles and makes black dots disappear. However, surgical procedures like micro needling and Botox treatment are more intensive and rejuvenate the face to a much further degree by lifting sagging skin and filling in the skin at problem areas that need recontouring. The microneedling pen is a boon to cosmetic treatment and with the enhancement of micro needling pens and derma rollers, the process of micro needling has just got better and more effective.

Facial Rejuvenation Non-surgical Alternatives

The science behind micro needling is extremely simple, it is a remarkable technique to motivate the body to secrete collagen which naturally heals scar tissue, fills wrinkles and helps in controlling excessive pigmentation thereby leading to skin whitening. Micro needling procedures at PearlHealth are done with precision techniques by expert cosmetologists and the procedures like circular application of needles in various directions so as to stimulate sub dermal agitation, are vital in the effective outcomes. The client will have a healing time of 24 to 48 hours after which time there will be some peeling, After that the result will be a remarkable change in filling up of wrinkles, vanishing of scar tissue and general skin whitening.

Face Rejuvenation Treatment

The technician will apply a coating of water and numbing cream on the area of procedure, after that the needle will be set to a low setting of 1 mm if it is the first time for the client. The Needle will be slid over the area of skin in various directions, creating impacts under the skin. The client will feel very little discomfort as numbing creams would have been applied already.

The entire process takes a mere few minutes and the stimulation caused by the micro needling below the surface of the skin will prompt the body to secrete collagen which will naturally fill in the wrinkles and remove acne and deep pores, naturally and permanently.

After the short recuperation process of micro needling the difference will be remarkable. Pigmentation will be markedly reduced and the skin texture would have regained a youthful vigour, as wrinkles, lines would have reduced remarkably.

The equipment at PearlHealth and the technicians in charge of the procedure offer a total support system to the client, be it advisories on moisturising creams to be used in the recovery phase, tips on how to prevent infections and s on. It is a home away from home experience, and the entire procedure, minimally invasive and stress free, yields extraordinary results.