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O-Shot PRP

Cosmetic Gynaecology

The Orgasm Shot uses Platelet Rich Plasma extracted from the patient’s blood to stimulate the clitoral and labial walls so as to heighten sexuality.

O-Shot PRP, Cosmetic Rejuvenation at its Best

O-Shot: Though there are not as many white papers on female sexual disorders as there should be, it is mapped quite clearly that there are disorders like hypoactive sexual disorder, Reduced Sexual Attention disorder and so on plaguing the modern woman, wherein the amount of sexual arousal is way below normal. In such cases beyond emotional counselling, there are medical procedures that attempt to add that much required boost to sexual stimulation.

The Orgasm Shot

One such procedure is O-Shot. A rather cutting edge medical procedure where Platelet Rich Plasma is extracted from the client’s blood. Now, platelets have the remarkable capacity of rapidly multiplying the cells that they are introduced into, and when the PRP extract is introduced near the clitoris and the labial walls, the cells in the region are rejuvenated and start multiplying at an enhanced rate, thereby leading to heightened sexual sensitivity in the client.

The Procedure

O-Shot Procedure at Pearl Health is again a straightforward surgical procedure that does not require hospitalisation, or admission even. At Pearl Health the extraction of PRP from the blood is performed using the most advanced state of the art equipment, by seasoned professionals, and the clients are left with nothing but happiness and satisfaction by the end of the procedure.

The PRP extract is injected near the clitoris and inside the vagina, and as a result this makes the genital region more sensitive, thereby vastly improving the quality of sexual life of the clients.

The Pearl Guarantee

At Pearl Health O-Shot procedures are administered under perfect hygienic surroundings with absolute and total discretion. Every treatment process is holistic and counsellors are standing by for clarifications and support whenever required.

After all, what is primary is the satisfaction of the client, above anything else.