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Anti Ageing

Anti Ageing

Anti Aging is an unavoidable facet of life, however, display of the ageing process is not necessary in these modern times. Pearl health is at the helm of Anti Ageing Treatments

Anti Ageing Treatments best kept Secrets

The best kept secrets of anti ageing treatments are eating right and living right. Anti Aging treatment consultations at PearlHealth involve a very important dietician consultation at the start, as eating right is at the fulcrum of long term anti ageing treatment endeavours. The passage of time, however, leaves its mark on the faces and bodies, and this is an unavoidable reality. The skin surface gets marked and in this process Microdermabrasions are used as an effective treatment to remove the signs of ageing. Micro Dermabrasion treatment helps reduce the spots and abrasions on the skin surface, bringing back the youthful sheen. Retinoid creams and peptide creams are used to take care of the fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides use amino acids and help reduce the visible appearance of wrinkles. Ageing skin does not have to be wrinkled. In extreme cases there are surgical interventions to remove wrinkles.

Peels and fillers

Chemical peels help scale back the clock by a lot. Laser resurfacing is also in vogue where there is a requirement to surgically resurface the skin to scale back the years. And then there are the botox and dysport injections. Administered by seasoned professionals who have a veritable reputation in managing the dosage, botox can clearly pull back the age noticeably. Lesser aggressive techniques like filler injections are also much sought after. Hyaluronic acid being natural, gets absorbed over the passage of time with the process of natural ageing. However when introduced into the wrinkles, as the name suggests, it fill up the sag and goes very far in the makeover from old to young. Professional care is individual and person to person attention is key at Pearl Health chennai, and every person’s unique skin temperament is monitored with their genetic disposition before arriving at the treatment pattern.

Under the Pearl umbrella

Since the vast array of treatment procedures are available, a few of which have been highlighted above, and all of them are available under one roof, monitored by experts, under the loving care of professional indulge, PearlHealth chennai is definitely the best place to be to scale back the clock.

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