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Breast Lift | Mastopexy

Breast Surgery / Augmentation

Breast lift as Mastopexy is popularly referred to is a surgical procedure where the breast is lifted using incisions and stretching of sagging skin so as to reclaim lost youth.

Mastopexy or Breast Lift Surgery

Pregnancy, nursing are usually the main reasons for a woman’s breasts to sag as they take a toll on the elastic nature of the skin. At PearlHealth breast lift cosmetic surgery advancements offer excellent discreet solutions to lift the sagging breasts and reclaim the youth that was lost. The procedure is fairly simple and straightforward, as the client is actually treated as an outpatient procedure.

The Procedure

The surgery method is to make an incision and reposition the nipples and tissue inside the breast so as to lift the breast structure. The procedure is usually done with augmentation or breast reduction surgeries, and the breasts can be contoured as per requirement, and uneven breasts can also be aligned and matched. 

Recovery and all the help from Pearl

The procedure being straightforward the client has to take a inpatient stay for a day to be observed in cases of swelling bruising etc. and the loss of feeling usually returns within a day.

The surgical procedure is done under general anaesthesia but is the call of the surgeon. Follow up consultations are a must and Pearl health has a proper scheduling system of consulting post surgery for ensuring the best possible results.