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Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction surgery is a vital part of the body contouring process and goes a long way in transformation of body image especially as part of a Bridal pack.

Liposuction Surgery

One of the most important things to note is that liposuction surgery is not a part of a weight loss program. Liposuction is conducted on people with a stable body weight and is designed to target specific areas of deposit of fat and help in contouring of the body to maintain the body image. Its a part of Bridal pack helps in contouring problem areas like the neck, arms and thighs and assists in removing specific areas of fat deposits so that the desired contour of the body can be achieved.

Procedurally perfect

The process of liposuction is pretty straight forward. A device called the cannula is inserted under the skin and fat cells are removed using a powerful vacuum. The process of Liposuction removes the fat cells permanently. There are some risks and concerns associated with the excess removal of fat cells could lead to surgical complications. This is why it is imperative that such procedures be carried out in institutions of expertise such as PearlHealth.

Before and after use cases

The Liposuction Surgery as a part of the Bridal pack can have a the client sit with consultation to determine the problem areas and identify the extent of contouring required. After the completion of consultation, the actual procedure itself is relatively simple. However after the procedure, the client would have to undergo a period of very little activity as the body gets acclimatized to the new contours and edemas if any to subside. So the Bridal Packs are timed such that the surgery is conducted at an earlier time so that there is ample resting period between the Liposuction Surgery and the Big Day. 

Pearl is the best place

PearlHealth has the latest state of the art equipment for Liposuction and a team of dedicated professionals, manning the process and offering personalised one on one post surgical care, so that the recuperation process is as joyful as the rest of the client’s life is going to be,