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The skin is the most visible part of the body. There are diverse techniques to ...

Hair Loss | Dermatologist

A full head of hair, is sometimes the best compliment someone can receive, and with ...

Cosmetic Surgery

An enhanced body image aids in better social skills. In an increasingly complex social society, ...


Dental care, dental surgery and consultation are an integral part of healthcare. An enhanced smile ...

Reconstructive Surgery

Advances in the field of Reconstructive Surgery has given a new lease on life for ...

Cosmetic Gynaecology

Intimate Aesthetic Surgery has come a long way from being taboo to being a healthy ...

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Dr. Sasikumar Muthu
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Vaishnavi Venkat
Dental & Endodontist Surgeon

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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission has, and will always be to provide quality health care for the betterment of people by constantly updating the knowledge, technology, and skills.

Integrity & Innovations

Integrity & Innovations

PearlHealth is where persona is crafted. It is the destination for people to enhance their body image, skin care, cosmetic surgery treatments, hair fall, dental care and plastic surgery, using proven technologies, that are not only state of the art, but are handled by veritable experts in their respective field of cosmetic / Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Sasikumar Muthu’s unflinching focus has been to provide the best surgical and therapeutic solutions for corrective surgeries under one roof.

Furthering Patient Care

Furthering Patient Care

Surgical expertise covering body, skin, and hair, PearlHealth believes in the practice of holistic treatment, meaning, the focus is not just on the surgical procedures, but equal concentration is given towards surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Be it cosmetic surgery treatment, skin care treatment or reconstructive and plastic surgery, dental care, hair fall treatment, professional care is the principal proponent.

Our professionals

Excellence in Healthcare That You Have Come to Expect
Dr. Sasikumar Muthu
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Sasikumar Muthu is an extensively trained, board certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon with a special interest in bringing science …

Dr. Vaishnavi Venkat
Dental & Endodontist Surgeon

Dr. Vaishnavi Venkat who gloss from the city of chennai has completed her MDS at Saveetha dental college, Dr …

Who we are

Who we are?

PearlHealth aspires to be the model of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive healthcare. The mission of furthering patient care has the professionals at PearlHealth keep themselves abreast of the latest and greatest treatment solutions that technology and advanced medicine practices.

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Otoplasty. It’s time to lend an ear.

Cosmetic Surgery is a preferred option to correct a lot of aberrations that may be developed along the way, but it is also indispensable for correcting abnormalities that people…
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Tips to Maintain your Cosmetic Surgery Results

The investment called Cosmetic Surgery. No one approaches the surgery table with the idea that it will be a temporary fix. What everyone hope is for permanent betterment, for…
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Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to healthcare services
Sivasankari Kumar
One of the good Aesthetic clinic in Alwarpet, they will treat with atmost care and give some permanent remedies which almost very special. I’m very comfortable with the doctor and the clinic staffs..
Vaishnavi is a very patient doctor who takes care of the kid very well. She does not give unnecessary suggestions or treatment. She makes sure that the patient is comfortable during the treatment and also checks with the patient even after the treatment so that the patient has fully recovered from the problem.
Krishena menon
The doctor is extremely sweet yet professional and well informed. The first time i didnt feel cringy after meeting a gynae. Will recommend her to anyone who wants an experienced, open minded and caring doc
Had a nice experience consulting the Doctor. She explained all the pros and cons in detail. Also suggested various other options. The best part is she admitted that a scar will never go off permanently whatever treatment we opt for. On the whole, the Doctor’s approach, the clinic atmosphere all were very good.