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Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery of hand

Hand Surgery: Common reconstructive surgeries at PearlHealth address issues of hand deformities due to rheumatoid arthritis. Several surgical procedures have been perfected to return functionality to the hand, extensive rehabilitation is key to get full functioning. Plates and wires are used to correct the deformities such as boutonniere or swan neck deformities, that make the fingers bend at acute angles, as a result of arthritic impact or ageing.

For the cases of Swan neck deformities, tendon grafts are placed surgically and they restore lost functions to the fingers. At PearlHealth, the plastic surgeons initially assess the extent of deformities and study the various scopes of surgery possible. In this effect they may take several X Rays to ascertain the best approach for surgery. Tissue grafting is also done entirely in house and harvesting of tissues for grafts are done with the utmost precision. Usually reconstructive surgery for the hand are straightforward and there is no limitation on mobility during the rehabilitation process. The maintaining of the support bandages for the hand is possible by repeat follow up consultations, and extreme care is afforded in order to avoid infections, pre or post operative. 

Tear and twists

Ligament and tendon tera are also ailments that require reconstructive surgeries for the hand surgery. Tendon tear is usually handled surgically by grafting and the procedure is pretty straightforward. The key, however, is in proper rehabilitation which will bring back full functioning for the hand and fingers. At PearlHealth there are pre set rehabilitation techniques and trained professionals who will guide the client to full functioning hands using physio therapeutic solutions.

Hand Surgery

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