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Breast Augmentation

Breast Surgery / Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery is a godsend for people with very low self worth index as a result of underdeveloped or misshapen breasts

Breast Augmentation at Pearl health

The principal component of Breast Augmentation is discretion, which is the mantra at PearlHealth. Breast Augmentation is a really beneficial arm of cosmetic surgery that has given hopes and self confidence for hundreds of clients who have earlier had no confidence in facing the society, even that which they live in.

Procedural Techniques

Fat is collected from areas of the body, and are introduced into pre planned pre cut areas of the breast. Augmentation is not mere deposit as the surgeon will have to sculpt the enhanced breast evenly. There are also certified implants available and they are inserted in a safe and responsible manner by the best cosmetic surgeons at Pearl.

There is very little hospitalisation that is required and the post operative care is vital in order to prevent secondary infections and the like. Pearl doctors, surgeons and consultants will be by the side of the client at all times, guiding the recovery process until the client is ready to face the society, with enhanced confidence levels.

Breast Augmentation is also done for women who have been involved in accidents, or for women who have had breast removal due to an earlier surgery or otherwise. In such cases there is a detailed study of the scope and other aspects such as the nipple reconstruction or nipple creation is also thought about and meticulously planned.

The Pearl Advantage

As was said earlier, discretion is key and nowhere is the client exposed to anyone or any influence. The clinic is constructed with discrete password protected hallways, for a full discrete experience.