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rhinoplasty surgery

Cosmetic alteration to the nose has such a profound impact on positive body image and the positive alteration to appeal that it is not commonly thought possible.

Rhinoplasty, the Nose Surgery

It is amazing to know that rhinoplasty has been performed dating back thousands of years and the procedures were conducted in ancient India as well. The impact of the shape of the nose is very high in the expression of social interactions. The appeal of the nose, may not be openly thought about, but features very greatly in social groups and makes a difference in the overall appeal of the person.

The nose is essentially made of soft tissue and so the scope for reworking and reshaping the cartilage using grafts is possible to a large degree and the technology and the equipment for performing such surgical procedures has increased in number and efficacy over the years. The rhinoplasty or nose surgery procedures conducted at PearlHealth are vast and differed in type and every one of those procedures have yielded results far beyond the expectation of the clients.

The Procedure for Nose Correction Surgery

Essentially rhinoplasty can be done in two ways, internal and external. Severe deformations of the nose, removal of bump and scraping of the cartilage to lessen the width of the nostrils are some of the most popular forms of rhinoplasty surgeries conducted. Grafts to build bridges of the nose not just enhance the cosmetic appeal of the client, but also facilitate in better breathing and greater comfort, and in the prevention of infections and allergies. More than cosmetic surgery, deviated septums being set aright makes for the total improvement in the lifestyle of the person, as it not only enhances the visual appeal, but also helps the person from other associated ailments like sinusitis and even makes for a tremendous change in speech appeal.

The cosmetic surgeon corrects the defects in the osseocartilaginous texture of the nose, which is essentially soft tissue, by using tissue glues and suture, and implanting stents and incisions where required. The effects of the procedure is life altering for the clients in a very good way and the impact of the procedures starts to take shape in the boosting of confidence and positive body image of the client.