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Hairfall Treatment Women

Female Hair Loss Treatment. One of the most societally gravitating facets of a woman, more than her looks, are her locks.

Management for Female Hair Loss Treatment or Hairfall Treatment for Women

The modern woman undergoes a great deal of stress , as she juggles several aspects of challenges in her career. The modern woman travels, gets exposed to several types of environs and not all of them are favourable to her hair. The extent of damage and the incidence of hair thinning and female pattern hair loss treatment have been on the increase over the past several years.

Pearl Health knows how

The Challenges in addressing the issues related to female hair loss treatment management are veritably manifold and PearlHealth chennai approaches every incidence scientifically and strives to provide causative cures, by trying to present solutions after exhaustingly identifying the causes.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelets are extracted from blood and platelets are known to have what are called growth factors, that have the protein structures for building up growth compounds. The platelets are extracted using state of the art centrifuges and they are administered using injections directly on the scalp. This triggers rapid regrowth of hair by stimulating the follicles.

Consulting and Hair Care

There are several experts at PearlHealth chennai who believe in the miracle of consulting and expert medical care. Consulting for hairfall for women is a specialized area at Pearl Health and there are several medical professionals at the beck and call of the clients, who sit down and scientifically analyse the causative factors for hairfall and discuss with the client in multiple sessions if required. Cosmetic Surgery for hairfall treatment women is not always the be all and end all, and therapeutic consulting care can oftentimes work miracles.

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