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The intent of this procedure is to tighten up the vagina, to help increase sensitivity and enhance sexual functioning.

Vaginoplasty, vagina surgery or vagina reconstruction:

In women, pregnancy and subsequent childbirth plays havoc with the vaginal muscles. There is an extraordinary amount of stretching and more often than not the vaginal opening remains stretched, thereby inhibiting on the sexual life for the woman. The aim is to tighten the vagina by vaginoplasty so it restore the sensation and experiences the woman had before the vaginal walls stretched. It also is a tested procedure for correcting anomalies in the shape of the vagina, so as to help normal menstruation, and intercourse in women. However, cosmetic vaginoplasty relies on normal surgical techniques to reduce the stretch in the vaginal opening, so that the woman can have a fuller and more fulfilling sex life, even after multiple childbirths.

The vaginoplasty procedure:

Vaginoplasty is performed traditionally using scalpels but there are also laser assisted surgical solutions at PearlHealth. The plastic surgeon after examination, will be able to highlight the exact procedure required, and the client can rest assured that the results will be nothing short of remarkable. At Pearl Health several vaginoplasty procedures have been conducted and there are an army of clients who are totally satisfied and are relishing their renewed fulfilling sexual lives with their partners.

Recuperation and Renewal:

The procedure may last up to an hour, and is done as an outpatient itself. However there is a period of recuperation as the surgical area needs time to heal and movement would hamer the healing process. Protein rich dietary supplements help fast track the healing process.

PearlHealth is the best place to have vaginoplasty procedures as the level of professionalism, ethics and discretion is unmatched elsewhere.