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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Surgery or abdominoplasty is sometimes done in conjunction with liposuction, and is often the last resort for reducing the belly.

Tummy Tuck without Surgery

Cosmetic Tummy tuck surgery is often the last resort for women who want to slim down and shape their bellies, and is often advised by surgeons when the normal courses of weight loss do not work. Abdominoplasty is usually done to normalise distended bellies, be it as a result of lifestyle or women after several pregnancies. Tummy tuck as a surgical procedure is completely safe and at Pearl Health chennai the equipment list is absolutely state of the art, but the procedure is quite advanced and the client should go in for it after extensive consultation.

Abdominoplasty and Recovery

The procedure of abdominoplasty itself is two fold, total and partial. In the case of total abdominoplasty the surgeon cuts the abdomen from hip to hip and relocates the muscles and tissue and in this procedure even the belly button is dislodged and moved. The client is given general anaesthesia and the entire surgical process may take a few hours even. After the tummy tuck Surgery the client will have to rest for a week and may even have to carry a drain tube.

Partial Tummy Tuck Surgery is where the abdomen is cut below the navel and the lower part of the abdomen is reduced and excess skin and tissue is removed. This process may take a few minutes and usually the client is up and about in a day.

The how’s and the wherefores

Tummy tuck leaves a faint scar which may get subdued over time, but a scar will definitely be there. So at Pearl health, the client has consultations with the surgeon to ascertain the best position for the cut, and hence the scar so that lifestyle in the future is not affected.

Tummy Tuck Surgery procedures are sought after mostly as a last resort, if the conventional methods of weight loss do not work. If the client has intentions for drastic weight loss, then tummy tuck procedure should be avoided. Also since the surgery may see the tightening of vaginal walls, women who are expecting to get pregnant should avoid tummy tuck procedures, because distention can happen again at the time of childbirth. Special care needs to be taken for people with blood pressure and diabetes, and therefor it is imperative that there is full disclosure with the surgeons at the time of consultation.

Pearl Advantage

At PearlHealth chennai specialists, guide the client through the entire surgical process and post surgery they will hold hands and guide the client through the recovery process, because the recovery and recuperation process is as important as the surgery itself.