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Oxy Peel

skin whitening

Oxy Peel Process is a natural and biological process for cleansing the face, while rejuvenating and de stressing the skin, removing incidences of acne and wrinkles.

What is Oxy Peel Treatment

Oxy Peel treatment is the application of intensive cleaning using jets to naturally exfoliate the facial skin and to unseat deep acne and reduce open pores, through pressure and little else. Since there are no chemicals involved and the procedure relies on the stimulation of the subcutaneous membranes using targeted and safe deployments of jets, the entire procedure is a breeze to avail of as the client is left invigorated and refreshed with younger skin, requiring no prep time or post treatment care.

Oxy Peel Benefits

It is one of the best forms of skin smoothing and wrinkle removal that is non surgical. At PearlHealth chennai a holistic approach is taken even to this seemingly simple process of Oxy Peel, where the client is made to feel at home and moisturising agents are prescribed according to the skin tone, after the process is completed. The equipment used for Oxy Peeling are state of the art and the technician wields a hand held nozzle that directs pressure at the target areas of the skin like dermambrasion techniques to bring about a visible instantaneous change in the texture and smoothness of the skin and also goes a long way in filling wrinkles.

Smooth recovery

There is no lead time or recovery time and the client can walk away looking years younger after the procedure is complete. Since it is completely non-surgical, there is a noticeable reduction in the element of worry, and consultants at Pearl will guide you through the entire process to see that the client is at peace and fully aware of what is happening to him/her.

At Pearl Health we assess the requirements of the clients against what is the best for them. For some clients, when the dermatologist feels that chemical peels can be too invasive, there is the option of Oxy Peeling. Essentially what can be argued to be the least invasive of the cosmetic treatment processes, Oxy Peeling treatment helps restore skin tone, helps fill up wrinkles and tighten large pores, naturally and biologically, and at the same time with minimum discomfort and stress.

Oxy Peel Treatments are the rage at Pearl Health chennai and we are almost always booked in advance.