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Labiaplasty is often performed in conjunctions with vaginoplasty to offer a wholesome solution to setting right the contour and the shape of the labia

Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty is normally done as a packaged procedure with vaginoplasty, where the shape of the outer labia and the inner labia are contoured so that the physical appearance is vastly improved over what was earlier the source of discontent for the client. Surgeon Councils have posited that there are diverse shapes of the labia and that there is not one stereotype that is supposed to be normal. However, labiaplasty is a hot surgical process, mainly because it helps resolve the qualms that women have about their body image, and goes a long way to set things right, as it were.

The Procedure

The procedure of labiaplasty, when done in conjunction with vaginoplasty, helps in setting right anomalies with respect to the shape of the outer labia, and the inner labia. The correction surgeries for inner labia may be in the reduction of the size and maintain uniformity and proportionality with respect to the other areas of the genital region.

Real Care at Pearl

The surgery requires post surgical care, in that the client needs to be motionless for a period as the healing takes place. However upon healing and post surgery consultations, the client can assume totally normal activities as always, and can expect a fuller and more satisfying sexual life. The procedure may last up to an hour, and is done as an outpatient itself. However there is a period of recuperation as the surgical area needs time to heal and movement would hamer the healing process. Protein rich dietary supplements help fast track the healing process.

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