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Burns Wound Management: After corrective surgeries for burn wounds, post surgical care for the burn wound area is of critical importance. Due to the nature of the surgery, the chances of infection are literally  sky high and excessive care needs to be kept for management of the burn wound.

One form of burn surgery is skin grafting. This is the most popular form of burn reconstructive surgery, and here skin, with dermis is harvested from other areas and is transplanted on to the affected area. This type of surgery warrants that the burn wound be managed with constant study of the bandaged area, so as to ensure that there is no infection. Also there should be active monitoring to ensure that there is no distress or pressure on the area of surgery, as the graft may dislodge.

Burns Wound Management or Burn Wound Care

Burns wound management for micro reconstructive surgery is also very acute and demanding. Micro surgery is performed by meticulously connecting blood vessels so that there is regeneration of tissue on the burn area and that will slowly lead to regeneration of skin. This process is extremely slow, and requires constant checking in order to maintain the integrity of the treatment area.

Skin expansion burn surgery is by far the easiest when it comes to burn wound management. Saline solution is filled into the balloons inserted under healthy skin and care and observation of the areas to help healthy skin develop as the skin over the distention expands is a must. After the grafting surgeries however, same post operative care as the other procedures are afforded.

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