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Hand Injury

Hand Surgery

Reconstructive Surgeries for hand injury at Pearl Health are a field unto themselves, where every aspect of surgery is addressed in house.

Surgery for Hand Injury

Hand Injury: The most important thing to observe is that there are two types of tendons in the hand, the flexor and the extensor tendons. The flexors run on the palm sides and help in the closing of the first, while the extensors run on the back of the hand and aid in flexing of the hand. Injuries to these tendons are treated using reconstructive techniques. Injuries to these tendons can occur occur due to penetration of object in hand and fingers and may lead to damage to the tendons, bones and the soft tissues. Crush injuries are another type of injury that can be identified. The parameters for assessment of injuries to the tendons in in examination. Where the fingers would appear to droop at the point of the injury, as the tendons cannot perform their work and the fingers curl due to their own resistance.

Scope and Extent

Surgeries can be performed at the anterior tendons that help keep the fingers flexed. The range of movements that can be examined would indicate the scope of treatment required, as the direct result of tendon damage is restriction in range of movement. Tendon damage can be partial too and if left untreated could worsen into greater more debilitating injuries. Tendon damage be it flexor, extensor or volar, have to be surgically intervene and set right.

After the reconstructive surgery procedures most commonly a splint and a sometimes a cast is administered for the whole hand. This is to literally isolate the area of the surgery and keep it immobile so as to facilitate swift healing.

Rehabilitation and Care

Reconstructive surgeries for the upper extremities of the hand are also isolated post surgery to help the recuperation process rapid. It will take at least a week for the surgical spot to start healing, and after that, it is imperative that the client cooperates with a physiotherapist to take the recuperation process forward towards normalcy. Without scientific monitored regular therapy, the surgery completed hand would become stiff  and inflexible, thereby negating the entire process altogether.

At Pearl Health focus is not just on hand injury, but on the therapeutic rehabilitation process too.