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Fused Fingers – Syndactyly

fused fingers

Fused Fingers, which is a genetic malformation is totally treatable with reconstructive surgery, and the tissue removal and subsequent recovery can be done in house at Pearl.

Fused Fingers or Syndactyly Surgery

Syndactyly (which originates from the greek word meaning together), is known to affect one in 2000 to 3000 births. The condition is represented by soft tissue covering two or more fingers, thereby preventing the possibility of independent activity of fingers. This is a congenital malformation and has to have reconstructive surgery to correct it. In the case of fused fingers anomaly there are no constants, and the complexity is variable. The lowest form of Syndactyly is soft tissue covering the fingers, in which case surgical procedure is pretty straightforward in removing and rebuilding the fingers individually.

Types and Extent

Syndactyly could be complex where nails may be fused and in these cases extensive reconstructive surgery is required to recreate the tissue and nail over the bone structure of the fingers. The extent of syndactyly can be determined by the cosmetic surgeon. If the skin is soft tissue then the procedure is simple. However if the tissue is hard, then it means that the bone structure inside is also most probably skewed and that needs to be rehabilitated along with the rest of the hand in order to start performing normally.

Syndactyl Treatment

At PearlHealth these surgeries are performed with the single goal of rehabilitation, as it is not enough if separation is achieved. The digits would be near useless without proper rehabilitative therapy, and pretty soon the hands will be normal.

Fused fingers can be complex also as there are other identifying factors when deciding to go in for corrective surgery. However, the inspiration that this procedure delivers has been obtained by peers who have done this process and have perfect fingers to show for the efficacy of the entire procedure.


Usually Fused Fingers are associated with other syndromes like Apert Syndrome and the fingers can be fused together. Upon identification. The surgical process is meticulously outlayed and the scar tissue is kept to the minimum, At PearlHealth, there are professionals to tackle this and give conservative solutions and there have been many instances where an entire new makeover has been done and the fingers lekk