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Sweat Reduction

Sweat Reduction

Hyperhidrosis Treatment or Sweat Reduction, is completely treatable both surgically and non-surgically, through a plethora of procedures like Botox, excision and so on.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment or Sweat Reduction

Excessive sweating or Sweat reduction or hyperhidrosis treatment can happen as a result of the combination of factors, from genetics to chemical imbalances within the body. Sweating of palms is a particular area of issue that inhibits social interactions to an acute degree. There are a lot of procedures to control excessive sweating both surgical and therapeutic. Excision, abrasion and laser removal of sweat glands can physically remove sweat glands from problem areas and instantly enrich lifestyle. These procedures are conducted under the expert guidance of dermatologists, after studying the root cause of sweating in excess. In this aspect there will be a one on one interaction with the client where the best dermatologist chennai will ask several questions in a bid to understand and isolate the root cause of hyperhydrosis.

Great Techniques

There are niche techniques like the iontophoresis or the No-sweat machine. Mild electric charges are sent to the palms and feet where they react with the sweat glands and make them close on a semi permanent basis. This is not very popular though, due to the mild discomfort as a result of the discharge.

Botox or the Botulinum toxin, directly injected in the problem area can shut down the sweat glands thereby preventing sweating. It needs to be understood that sweating is a natural process of cooling down of the body and that mindless inhibition of the process of sweating may cause other problems to surface. At pearl health chennai the dermatologists consult with expert guidance on the process of sweat inhibition and the zeroing in of the procedure, be it laser removal or botox or excision is arrived after several sittings and consultations with the client.

Anti perspirant creams and packages are also offered, but there needs to be a control over the application and use of the products as they have to be used in restrained balance for the person to not have any side effects from their usage. By and large Botox treatment for sweat reduction is pretty much the lobby favourite as it is a targeted and proven procedure and helps shut down the sweat glands entirely thereby bringing a great deal of relief to the person suffering from hyperhydrosis.