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Smile Correction

Smile Correction

Smile correction surgery is a combination surgery that is usually carried out along with other mandibular procedures and dentistry treatments.

Smile Makeover Surgery

Smile Correction: The most attractive feature in a person’s face is arguably the smile. It is well known that a smile can light up a room. The amount of social mileage that can be gained from a beautiful smile is significant. However not everyone is naturally born with a perfect smile. But at Pearl Health, the technical prowess of the surgeons coupled with the technological prowess in the equipment, helps easily restore and transform a smile into a masterpiece.

The Smile Correction

Smile correction surgery is basically an amalgam of several surgeries. The most common form of downer is what is referred to as the gummy smile. This is when there is an unnatural level of gums being exposed. In a consultation with PearlHealth, the surgeons will determine the exact amount of gum that can be removed. Further the surgical procedures can correct the crown height as well by teeth grinding.

Choices Galore

The client can have his choices of teeth whitening or veneer on the teeth to magnify the smile. Once the dental work is done, surgeons can work on the correction of the lips. If the upper lip is too thin, it can be rectified using injectables and fillers, that will lend a fuller look immediately. Surgically the lips can be enhanced to not droop and thereby the smile can be magnified manifold.

The Advantages

The advantages of smile correction surgery at Pearl Health is that all the concerned procedures, be it cosmetic dentistry, or reconstructive surgery, or smile correction, are all available under one roof. With the amount of expertise at hand, a client just walks into Pearl Health and walks out many times magnified persona, with the changes that he/she had sought for and without any worry as regards to safety and dependability.