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Male, Female Breast Reduction Surgery

Male Breast surgery

Breast Reduction in general, is it for male or for female, principally involves the sculpting of the breasts rather than just mere reduction in size.

Male Female Breast Reduction


The decision for male female breast reduction is entirely up to the client. Be it male or female, the decision to accept surgical intervention for cosmetic betterment has to come from the client, who will have to evaluate the requirement for the procedure as a balance sheet of the psychological and physiological impact his/her current stage is causing.


Once the decision is made, it is opportune to set up consultations with PearlHealth Team who will conduct mammograms for the women and x-rays for the men after a thorough whetting and preliminary study the sketches are made for the types of reduction to be made.

Also explain the scope of the procedures also. In cases of gynecomastia in men, surgery would mean the difference between a normal interactive lifestyle and a completely shut in one.

The professionals at pearlhealth will analyse the points of entry and will identify whether the nipple will have to be restored or moved. The points of incision are usually on the underside, and the usage of laser would ensure quick, and blood free conduction of the actual procedure.

At the point of closing up, reposition the nipples are either reconstructed or re attached.

The time for healing and post surgical diet and care will be clearly chronicled at Pearl and the client will have to make multiple visits to ensure that the healing process is indeed perfectly underway and that the alignment and other factors are perfect, There is a critical list for diet and it is imperative that the client adheres to these in the best interests of the normal recovery