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General Information

A full head of hair, is sometimes the best compliment someone can receive, and with the state of the art procedures at Pearl Health, hair loss treatment concerns are a thing of the past.

Hair Loss reason

Hair loss treatment is a significantly huge problem in the modern milieu of urban life. Hairfall concerns attack men and women alike and reasons for hairfall are getting to be manifold. Stress is predominantly large player in the cause for hairfall. Impact of external factors like pollution in water and dietary habits have also started wreaking havoc on people’s hairline. And of course there is the ever present wielder of hair fall – genetics.

Hair loss Treatment

The treatments are varied, and there is a solution for every problem. The first step is analysis of the issue of hair loss as in identifying the cause. That way, not only can corrective solutions be given, but further loss can also be mitigated. Pearl Health is equipped with the latest equipment for hair loss treatment and control. Hair transplantation is done using the latest technologies, as well as treatment for reduction of hair fall and enabling hair regrowth in men using Platelet Rich Plasma therapy among others. PRP Therapy induces the best rate of regrowth of hair, by using platelet rich plasma which offer the highest rate of cellular regrowth.

Female Hairfall

Female pattern baldness can also be treated at Pearl, with spot solutions for regrowth or transplantation.

Hair reduction is also a busy section at PearlHealth, Advanced technologies using Laser hair removal are being used by seasoned trained professionals with years of expertise and offer solutions for permanent removal of hair from unwanted areas, without pain and side effects. There are all sorts of grooming solutions, paired with laser removal that will literally change the person for the better. Every sitting will produce worry free tangible results, and Pearl health chennai offers several packages for hair removal, be it for permanent hair removal or for hair management and grooming. Consultations on hair care and hair regrowth are also conducted on person to person basis, and the perfect solutions most suited for the particular person’s requirement is the modus operandi at PearlHealth chennai.

hairfall treatments

Hair Fall Treatment

Hairfall is a significantly huge problem in the modern milieu of urban life. Hair fall concerns..
hairfall treatments

Hair Transplantion

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Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Hair reduction is also a busy section at Pearl Health, Advanced technologies using Laser hair..