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Skin Whitening

skin whitening


Skin whitening forever

Skin whitening treatment or skin lightening is much sought after as it lends the “fresh” look to the person who undergoes treatment. Best skin care treatment at PearlHealth Chennai

At PearlHealth Chennai, skin whitening treatment goes beyond the consultation. The view is holistic, in that advisory sessions for diet, and post-treatment care is also given equal importance. Skin whitening treatments, yield results that are there to stay a lifetime. In the present urban scenario, the first victim of pollution is the skin. Excess exposure to harmful UV rays and exposure to heat and pollution leaves the exposed skin lifeless. Skin lightening treatment comes in a boon and helps not just rejuvenate the skin, but also lighten it and give the appearance of freshness that everybody so eagerly seeks after. Skin Whitening treatment that is permanent are handled at Pearl Health with the state of the art equipment and professional control, which helps achieve results that will stand the test of time.

Skin Care

Skin care is vitally important in the present day scenario as the average lifestyle involves a lot of exposure to pollution and a predominance of indoor lifestyle. Skincare at PearlHealth involves treatment and care for all types of skin, and prescription of treatments based on the skin type, in order to skin rejuvenate and resuscitate lackluster skin. With chemical whitening techniques, handled by professionals with safety paramount, skin lightening processes help achieve that “glow” that is much sought after. The entire skin lightening procedure, in a nutshell, is to use proven techniques to block the generation of pigmentation by blocking melanin, which is the pigmentation hormone. Laser techniques for skin whitening, deploy the requisite inhibitors that prevent darkening of skin. Enzyme inhibitors that are used are also sourced with much care and naturally, so as to have an even effect while conducting the procedure.

Skin Whitening Treatment

Skin whitening sessions are held in consultation with expert cosmetologist and the client is constantly monitored for reactions and evenness of the lightening process. Since no two people are alike, individual consultation is the norm and personal attention is given both during the skin whitening procedures and after the procedures as well, in follow up consultations.