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Tips to Maintain your Cosmetic Surgery Results

The investment called Cosmetic Surgery. No one approaches the surgery table with the idea that it will be a temporary fix. What everyone hope is for permanent betterment, for results that once undertaken will stay forever. The financial commitment also justifies only this kind of outlook. There are no outliers, everyone wants to be better, forever. However, in the back of everyone’s mind flashes the mantra, “Nothing is forever”, constantly. This is not ominous, or doesn’t intend to dissuade you from taking the step of cosmetic surgery and betterment. but what it means is that post-surgery, you have some responsibilities, that will ensure that the effects stick. The cosmetic surgeon can only perform the miracle on the table, but beyond that it is your duty to ensure that the effort and what you’ve paid for, stay in focus for a long time after.

In short, what this means is that there are some steps and tips that every person who has had cosmetic surgery, has to concentrate on in order to maintain the effects that cosmetic surgery has provided. This is the best way to spread the investment on cosmetic surgery (which in some cases can be substantial) over a very long period of time.

Regular Exercise and Healthy Diet:

The one given after every cosmetic surgery is exercise. Exercise is the energy engine that will sustain youth and vitality. Regular exercise after cosmetic surgery is extremely important, in not just maintaining the effects achieved, but also goes a long way in enhancing appearance, in making the overall psyche toned and fit. For instance if you have had the procedure of body contouring, the cosmetic surgery would have targeted fat cells for shaping the boyd ot the ideal body that you would have dreamed of. So when you gain weight after the procedure it will be adversely in the areas that were not operated upon, and the net result would be very bad.Also by adding weight, especially in procedures like tummy tuck and so on, you would be stretching the skin again, thereby undoing the effects of cosmetic surgery.

The plan should be to effectively manage diet and to cut down on calories, and adopt a very scientifically chartered exercise plan tailormade for your body’s needs and this will in turn yield the dream body on a sustained basis. One very important aspect to consider, that Pearl Health religiously intones, that many health centres omit, is to not get discouraged by some weight gain right after surgery during the recovery period, where you are not supposed to be exercising.

Taking Proper Care of the Skin:

One of the biggest let downs for people after cosmetic surgery are the reappearance of all the factors that prompted them to go for surgery in the first place. Getting back pigmentation or freckles after the procedures can be very frustrating. What you need to glean from this is that the cosmetic surgery is not a magic wand that will take care of all the problems. It will jump start your look by almost achieving the impossible, but it is upon you to commit to a perfect schedule of maintenance of the skin. At Pearl Health, the professionals will be giving you a step by step guide to creams and lotions for scar removal and retention of the pH balance and to maintain and foster skin vitality. You should follow these instructions diligently. You should ensure that the area surrounding the operated area is compulsively kept clean. Along with proper skin hygiene, application of creams and ointments that are prescribed at Pearl Health will go a long way to keep the skin that you invested upon, as good as new for a very long time.

Health and Habits Do go hand in hand:

A pro tip to maintaining good health is to completely revisit your habits. During any cosmetic procedure you will have to keep off tobacco and smoking in general. It would do you great good to think of this requirement as a first step and literally kick the habit of smoking. Smoking literally lends the leathery look to the skin which is by no means the look you were aiming for. So at Pearl health there is always a standing request to give up the habit of tobacco and smoking.

Another main problem is the excessive consumption of alcohol. This will also lead to tremendous degradation in terms of health and visual health also. All habit forming activities are to be analyzed to whether they are good for you, and every effort has to be made to kick the bad habits to the kerb, and go forth and maximise the effects of your cosmetic surgery for years to come.

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