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A New Look with Thread Lifts

With age comes sag. The irrefutable impact of gravity on skin will start to show around the middle age of a person. The face is the representative of the individual and when sag starts to show on the face it is quite off putting for several people. The be-all and end-all of face rejuvenation has been the Face Lift. Technology has evolved remarkably and the surgical procedures for Face Lifts have become better over the decades, yet there was the hankering for a evolutionary leap, as it were. That leap is the surgical procedure called Thread Lifts. At Pearl Health, the absolute latest techniques of Thread Lifts have lent a hand in rolling back time for scores of men and women. Thread Lifts are the latest in non-invasive face rejuvenation and are a giant step ahead in facial rejuvenation.

Thread Lift is a procedure where sutures are used to “lift” the sagging skin. Please note that these sutures are temporary and there is total scar management happening. While in the conventional face lift surgery the cosmetic surgeon actually physically removes the folds of excess skin, in the case of thread lift, the surgeon merely stitches up portions of the skin that are in excess and therefore lends a tightened firm look. Also, the process of threading promulgates the secretion of collagen, the vital rebuilder, which will combat ageing in a totally natural way. Collagen is the hormone that repairs ageing tissue and restores elasticity and firmness to them, preventing them from losing their elasticity and sagging. The Growth Factors are a result of the secretion of Collagen which happens as a result of the sutures procedure that is the Thread Lift Procedure. The procedure leaves the skin youthful, additional thickness and hydration happens, and the skin starts to regain the lost elasticity.

In the normal process of ageing, as the skin grows weaker the underlying tissues do not get the support they need from the ageing skin and as a result of the forces of gravity they start to distend. As people age the skin structure rapidly starts to become weaker and lose elasticity. The Thread Lift combacts this loose ageing skin head on. While the sutures tighten up the loose skin and sculpt the face to the shape it was in peak youthful state, the body is triggered to produce more collagen to “heal” the sutures as it were. Therefore there is a constant flow of fresh collagen being secreted, and this goes a long way in making the skin youthful and more taut. The sutures are normally placed below the skin surface and so most people won’t be able to even feel the scars, once they have healed.

Major Advantages of Thread Lifts over conventional Face Lifts

There are some distinct benefits of going in for the more modern Thread Lift procedures rather than conventional facelift procedures, and these can be outlined as under –

The time of surgery is greatly reduced. Thread Lifts are performed as outpatient procedures where there is very little discomfort to the patient, as against conventional Face Lifts, that are actual surgical procedures that need secluded operation theatres. Facelifts are performed under general anesthesia and there is the aspect of recovery and rehabilitation from anesthesia which will take its time. There is also the aspect of wound management, as the patient has to be very carefully monitored for at least a week subsequent to the procedure. However, in the case of Thread Lifts, the surgery is performed mostly under local anesthesia and there is no need for a scaled recovery plan.

Pain Management is also not a predominant factor in the case of Thread Lifts, while it is a substantial portion of the path of recovery in the case of Face Lifts. After the Thread Lift procedure the patient will display some soreness, redness in the area of the surgery, which will dissipate over time, with the assistance of scar management creams and repeat consultations with Pearl Health.

Thread Lifts are here to say, and are clearly the evolutionary leap that people wanted over invasive surgeries. They are simple and effective and literally hoist your face back in time to the natural beauty and perfections of youth.

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