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Arm Lifts. Know all about them.

Brachioplasty. Yes. That’s the medical term for Arm Lifts. It is derived from the terms “Brachio”which means arm and “plasty” which means to reshape. But the term Arm lift is what bears significance to the common man. So much significance that just since 2014, the volume of Arm lifts has gone up thousands of percentile cases. This makes one wonder what is the sudden relevance of this massive increase in the volume of surgeries? Well for one thing, the direct impact is from the increase in the number of bariatric procedures. No with bariatric surgery, the effect is dramatic weight loss. With a morbidly obese person, the skin is stretched for decades. With rapid weight loss the skin will start to flap and fold, as there will be significant loose skin especially in the arms. These would require surgical intervention to correct them.

Not to say that the post-bariatric surgery patients are the only ones opting for Arm lifts. It is definitely a healthy contributor to the statistic, but there are others who approach this procedure, to get their skin draped so the arms get back their shape and tone. Post childbirth, women have a tendency to add a lot of fat to their arms especially their upper arms. Societally many consider this as unsightly, and the “wings” sometimes persist even after healthy toned body is maintained. Arm lifts are the only recourse to get back the original tone and shape of the arms.

Over the period of time, the technology to treat the sagging arms, especially the upper arms has increased manifold in the level of ease and success, that the consumer does not really any apprehension, by and large, to go in for arm lifts. Now let us dive into what the procedure is all about. Let us get some better understanding of the procedures.

The Procedure

The aim of the procedure is to reduce the sagging skin by way of surgical intervention so that the flabby skin referred to colloquially as wings, ceases to exist. The aim of the procedure is also to shape the arm so that it is visually pleasing and takes the appearance of a well toned athletic arm, especially the upper arm. The contouring is a part of the body contouring package very popular with cosmetic surgery clinics. however, at Pearl Health, arm lifts are not usually packaged with several other contouring procedures and are scheduled separately because the goal is to keep the patient under the minimum possible anesthesia.

The surgery itself takes normally two to three hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The excess tissue is taken out and the skin is draped and shaped so that the dreaded wings are removed. By draping the skin the underlying supportive tissue of the arm gets a chance to tighten and become more effective. There are broadly two methods by which the excess tissue in the arm is removed. One technique is to use actual excision, meaning surgically cut and remove the tissue. Now this procedure is conducted on patients with morbid obesity, where substantial rework is required, to contour and reshape the arm. The other technique is liposuction, wherein the incisions are miniscule and the excess tissue is sucked out through the liposuction equipment. In practice the procedure is usually a mix of both the techniques, a little bit of liposuction with some excision happening.


The procedure requires complete rest and no movement for 2 weeks from the date of the surgery. When the healing is underway then movement is permitted, but the patient is not allowed to exercise or lift loads of any manner whatsoever. The patient is usually allowed to slowly start exercising after three weeks under the supervision of the medical professional.

The candidates best fit for arm lifts are people who want to showcase their arms as toned and without sag and loose skin. The surgery in itself is simple and with the advent of tremendously improved technology, the choice to go in for the surgery is actually a no brainer. At Pearl Health, the professionals walk with the patient after the surgery and until the recuperation is complete. A complete body image that boosts self worth, makes individuals more productive and gives them the ability to master their life with better chances for self actualisation. In the realm of body contouring the Arm Lift is an integral player.

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