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Body Sculpting and Body Image – Together Forever?

Better Body Image has been followed by societies for hundreds of years. Thousands even. It is common knowledge that the Egyptians were downright obsessed with personal body image and moved mountains to help maintain what was the standard of beauty at that time. They used to specialize in formulations and concoctions that helped smooth wrinkles, enhance skin tone and give an overall sense of heightened appeal. The bottom line is that there has always been a sense of self observation in that there has always been a desire to stay parallel to the norms of the society when it comes to standards of beauty. And these standards of beauty have changed over time as societies change and adapt to different geo societal factors. People have always put a great deal of importance in body image and a positive body image has contributed immensely to positive body worth. As a testimony to body image maintenance, there has been tremendous advancements in body sculpting which basically means surgical and non surgical intervention in order to achieve the desired level of appeal by way of skin tone and shape.

What is the actual definition of body sculpting? Body Sculpting refers to a homologation of several procedures that aim to change the physical attributes in order to achieve the desired physical form that the person aspires to become. The procedures can be superficial as in the application of creams and unguents, to more elaborate surgical procedures that take the whole nine yards of surgery, recovery and rehabilitation. The discovery that the person needs work on body image is the first step. This is followed by prolonged consultations with experts in psychology and surgeons. This is a crucial step before any surgery, as this is the first affirmative step in identifying whether there is change required at all, and also serves as a testing ground to validate what the person is feeling as he/she desires change.

Surgical Body Sculpting is of many procedures. There are procedures for jaw realignment, where misaligned jaw can be realigned for the perfect jawline. There are hair transplant procedures using Platelet Rich Plasma, and Follicular Unit Transplantation techniques. There are wrinkle removal procedures using botox, laser and procedures like Dermabrasion are taking the world by storm. All of these any many more specialized niche procedures collectively come under the gamut of Body Sculpting. There are extreme procedures that push the envelope of creativity to the maximum using implantation technologies that are cutting edge and are improved on a daily basis. There are people who are willing to experiment for the sake of science and there are professionals who are willing to push that envelope further. And all this is for the desire to adhere to the norms of society’s standards of beauty and to even surpass it.

Now the question arises as to whether Body Image can be managed without the requirement of Body Sculpting at all. In that, whether Body Sculpting itself is superficial and not required in reality and whether it is a luxury in the playing field. When we want to judge the importance of any procedure or set of procedures that are prevalent among society the best way to analyse it is to see if there are use cases where it has proven to be a game changer in the lives of people. When we take up that aspect of analysis we see that Body Sculpting has proven to be a tremendous tool for betterment of psychological well being of scores of people. For example let us take the case of Manic Depressants. The outlook, psychologically is very adverse and the outcome is usually morbid obesity and in many cases spiralling downfall of psychological profile, and has even led to statistics of death. Now with the aid of Body Sculpting, like wrinkle and scar surgery, dermabrasion, and so on, along with proper psychological counselling, lives have been turned around with bettering of Body Image. With a positive body image comes a positive frame of mind, which in turn leads to a better lifestyle. Collectively, better lifestyle approaches lead to societal positivity all around.

While everyone must ideally lead a healthy life conscious of what we ingest and the lifestyle we lead, and always be aware of what our activities cause as toll to our bodies, the stark truth is that we do not live in an ideal world, and hence, there is a real need for surgical intervention, in order to jump start the process of betterment and also that of healing.

Body Sculpting and better Body Image go hand in hand. With all round professional help and support, like what is being offered at Pearl Health, no process is small or complicated, in the map towards better personal image.

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