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The Halo Treatment. Everything you wanted to know but were too shy to ask.

HALO. Everyone is talking about it. Right? But all you have is bits and pieces of information. Is is effective, or is it not. Does it last long. Does the skin really pop, after the fact. Is it painful. And so on. But you never really got the full enchilada. Until this blog, of course. The Pearl Health Blog happened for a reason. And that is to dispense with information, the likes of which would be misinformation, when asked person to person. The purpose for Pearl Health is to educate the reader in cosmetic surgery procedures that are out there, and what they entail. The blog also strives to keep the expectations realistic, which is very important in a sea of false information and fake news.

Right. HALO. This is touted as the “Angel skin Maker” and this basically combines two types of lasers to obtain the desired result with the minimum downtime and distress. This is a really big deal because, done independently, both the lasers have significant downtime and this makes the duration of the procedure very long, which in turn translates to more distress for the patient. The objective of a good cosmetic surgeon is to minimise the time under the knife, for the patient.

At Pearl Health, HALO combines two lasers as was said earlier. The first type is an ablative laser that identifies the tiny pathways in the skin and corrects those leaving the other areas untouched. This laser’s work is superficial and handles the focused targets.
Those crows feet that were the bane of existence for some time, and those adamant laugh lines… the ablative laser takes care of them. The nonablative laser is different. It digs deep. It handles the “below the skin” situations and makes you come out glowing. Basically what the non ablative laser does is, it punches tiny thermal injuries under the skin and these trigger collagen and elastin which are the miracle repair agents. So basically what this laser does is, it tricks the body into repairing itself. ingenious, right?

Older tech like CO2 laser, have a long painful path to heal and it is basically five or more days of hot bloody skin that is healing itself. Definitely not the optimal path to choose, even if the outcome is beyond expectations. HALO however just entails a few days of recovery and recuperation, and by contrast to the older techniques, a cake walk. The hybrid lasers target the epidermis and the dermis, and through this they remove the brown spots and minimize the pores that require minimising. Dark skin needs to be worked on more meticulously, with a very light foot on the pedal. The resurfacing can be upto 25 to 30 percent of the skin, while most older conventional lasers struggle to achieve 5%. So needless to say, this is the need of the hour.

What do you feel when it happens? Well first as you ascend the chair of transformation, numbing cream is applied on your face which makes the procedure less painful. Some forty minutes in you are prepped for the procedure. When the laser start to work on your face, the sensation will be that of warmth and heat. There may be a little pain, as the thresholds for persons vary, but it is never not manageable.

After the procedures you will be given a cold compress and you will be warned of swelling the subsequent day. Pearl Health has a pretty specialized booklet on the road head, what steps to take for the short time of recovery that you have ahead. The day subsequent to the procedure is probably the worst as there will be recognizable swelling. Especially around the eyes. But it is nothing to be alarmed about as the swelling will reduce naturally. Every path forward is better and brighter. By the third day you will be rid of the swelling altogether, and by the fourth day your biggest foe may be some skin that is peeling of. And a general feeling of dryness. But then you will start to see the shine, as tere will definitely be a glow to the skin that was not there earlier. The skin may become itchy as the collagens and the elastogens start to go about their business, and you will be given creams to combat those feelings. By a week to ten days, you will start to see the full effect of the procedure and you will have to fight off the compliments as there will be several.

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